NETHERLANDS - Ton Groeneveld, the former chief investment officer at Dutch railways scheme SPF Beheer has joined the 10.5 billion-euro medical scheme SBA on an interim basis as head of asset management.

“I can inform you that a week ago I started a job for SBA, the joint administration pension fund for medical specialists and general practitioners in Utrecht as head of asset management on an interim basis,” Groeneveld told IPE.

SBA, or Artsenpensioenfondsen, is one of the 10 largest Dutch schemes. Dick Hoek remains chief executive and Bert Bos chief financial officer.

Groeneveld told IPE Magazine in an interview after he left SPF that he would not advise a newcomer to enter the pensions industry. “I would say: don’t do it. The business becomes unattractive by the issuing of too many rules that are too tight by the pensions supervisor.”

He added: “Try to retrain yourself as a pension funds consultant. You keep clean hands and it will also give you a great opportunity to get very rich.”