FRANCE - The Fonds de Réserve pour les Retraites, the €29bn French Pensions Reserve Fund, has named three providers of "extra-financial" advice.

The idea is that the providers - Vigeo, Eiris and Trucost - will enable the FRR to achieve three objectives.

They include: measure the environmental, social and governance quality of its portfolio; assess the extent the SRI investment approach contributes to sustainable development; and identify the financial threats and opportunities to which it may be exposed.

The fund launched the process of selecting the outside service providers last October.

This reporting program is also aligned with the UN's Principles for Responsible Investment, which the FRR formally joined in April 2006 (

Vigeo will analyze the fund's €13.7bn European equities portfolio while Eiris will produce a report on compliance with international covenants.

Trucost will assess the environmental imprint, threats and opportunities of the global equity portfolio.

"The FRR was pleased with the quality of the     proposals it received and wishes to thank all of the participants in the selection process," the fund said.