FTSE Group said it is keeping the ethical criteria for its FTSE4Good index series up to date in the wake of new debates.
Since the indices were launched, FTSE has consulted with companies and NGOs to evolve the criteria. The environmental criteria have already been developed, the group says, to keep the index relevant to current thinking.
Later this year, human rights criteria will be revised, based on feedback from a market consultation that took place in the summer.
“In the first year of the FTSE4Good series, the indices have had a significant impact on the debate surrounding CSR,” says Mark Makepeace, chief executive of FTSE Group. “We hope that all debate in this area will go towards encouraging companies to disclose more and more information on CSR, therefore leading towards more consistency and transparency in this field.”
The group said it is encouraging more companies to be open about their ethical record.
A further 51 companies around the world have cooperated with FTSE in disclosing details of their corporate social responsibility polices, and have been added to the series, said the index provider.
In the UK 14 companies have been added to the series in the latest semi-annual review, and three companies deleted.
The FTSE4Good UK benchmark now represents 84.5% of the investible market capitalisation of the FTSE All-Share.