GERMANY – UNED AG, a specialist in developing financial products for insurers, banks and fund companies, has recruited Michaela Stoeckl from corporate pensions adviser HDI Pensionsmanagement.

Stoeckl joined UNED on July 1, where she is leading a new five-member team, which is both developing and helping to market corporate pension products.

“I’m in charge of building UNED’s corporate pensions business and we already have our first client,” Stoeckl told IPE. The name of the client was not disclosed.

She added that the products would be distributed via independent financial advisers like MLP and AWD.

Stoeckl’s title is group manager, corporate pensions. She had a similar role at HDI Pensionsmanagement, which is part of German insurer HDI.

UNED was founded in 2000 and is based in the small city of Zülpich near Cologne. Its clients include the German arm of Pioneer Investments (formerly Activest), the Irish insurer Liberty Europe and Nemian Life, a Luxembourg insurer.

In early 2005, UNED also acquired Aspecta, a German insurer, which like HDI, is part of the Talanx group - Germany’s third-largest insurer.