UK - Corporate and employee services company Hogg Robinson has appointed Frank Jones as managing director of its benefits and consulting services division.

Jones, former chairman of oil group Schlumberger plc, will be responsible for the firm’s pensions-related businesses, Paymaster and Claybrook.

“With over 30 years board level experience in the IT, consulting and pensions industries, Jones’ significant skills will provide more senior level expertise for Paymaster and Claybrook,” Hogg Robinson said in a statement.

Jones plans a “complete strategy review” and will implement any changes necessary. He would develop a strong working relationship with Hogg Robinson’s employee benefits consulting arm Entegria – to make sure that the strategies for all three divisions are closely aligned.

Paymaster and Claybrook’s managing directors, respectively Richard Boniface and Ron Barker, will reporting to Jones. They will retain control of day-to-day operations of their businesses.