IRELAND - As the Irish pensions industry struggles to increase the level of occupational pensions coverage nationally,  the Irish Pensions Board is seeking technical expertise to help with its National Pension Awareness campaign.

The organisation, which regulates occupational pension schemes and personal retirement savings accounts, has issued tenders for consumer market research services, public relations and advertising and design services.

It is inviting consumer market research and public relations companies to submit proposals to provide their services for a three-year contract, while the advertising and design contract will last just 12 months. 

David Malone, head of information services at the Pensions Board in Dublin, said the tenders related to the organisation's National Pension Awareness campaign, which it has run on behalf of the government since 2003.

He said: "Every year we do consumer market research to test the marketplace and find out what people are thinking and how pensions are received. So we need someone with the technical expertise to help us with this."

The tender for the consumer market research closes on February 1, while the search for public relations and advertising and design services will both close to applications on 22 February.

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