Matthew Craig

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    Arab Spring premium

    May 2011 (Magazine)

    Matthew Craig finds political upheaval in the MENA region generating volatility, opportunity and a new appreciation of risk

  • Special Report

    Fees: The big issue

    January 2011 (Magazine)

    Size definitely affects active management risks and returns, writes Matthew Craig. But the relationship is by no means a simple one

  • Special Report

    Convergence to emergence

    January 2011 (Magazine)

    There is much diversity in emerging Europe’s debt markets, finds Matthew Craig

  • Special Report

    Currency: Keep an eye on your weighting

    October 2010 (Magazine)

    The Big Mac index tells you nothing about your need to diet, but might help to value currencies. Matthew Craig looks at the more technical version, ‘PPP’

  • Asset Class Reports

    Emerging Market Debt: Portfolio focus: Fringe benefits

    September 2010 (Magazine)

    As an asset class, emerging market debt (EMD) is generating a real buzz among asset managers and investors. It may take some time, but pension fund allocations are expected to rise, given the mismatch between current allocations to the emerging markets and their increasing economic importance. Insight Investment head of EMD, Colm McDonagh, says: “Less than 1% of global pension fund assets are in emerging markets; it should be significantly higher. Within 10 years, emerging market countries will have 50% of global GDP.”

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    The packaged approach to diversification

    November 2008 (Magazine)

    Matthew Craig assesses diversified growth funds, absolute return funds that allocate to a range of asset classes alongside fixed income and equities

  • Features

    Taking the risk out of trading

    June 2007 (Magazine)

    Foreign exchange settlement risk is a matter of concern for currency and other investment managers, according to Matthew Craig