IRELAND - John Feely, the former head of Mercer retirement solutions in Ireland, and Maurice Whyms, former chief executive of Mercer Dublin, have launched a new consultancy company focusing on pensions, human resources and financial services.

Together with former Mercer HR specialist Tara Flynn, Feely (pictured) and Whyms launched their new operation, Attain Consulting Limited in Dublin last week, to give consulting services across a broad spectrum.

Feely and Whyms - both actuaries - will focus on pension matters, Feely said in an interview today.

"One area we will focus on is the overall governance of pension funds, putting ourselves very close to our clients, looking at how they manager their pension arrangements and give advice to them in that area," according to Feely.

The company also aims to provide advice to pension funds on the back of research it conducts independently.

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