IRELAND- New Star International is launching six actively managed funds offering three currency classes of share. The Dublin based OEIC, New Star global investment funds, will give investors access to New Star's fund managers.

The six funds within the offshore OEIC are an Asian opportunities managed by Ian Beattie, European growth managed by Richard Pease, global emerging markets managed by Brian Coffey, Japan recovery fund managed by Michelle Sanders, UK dynamic fund managed by Tim Steer and US opportunities managed by Mark Beale.

Annual management fees are 1.75% and there are no redemption, transfer or switching fees. The minimum investment across the six funds is £7,000, e10,000 or $10,000 with a minimum investment in each fund of £3,500, e5,000 or $5,000, allowing access to smaller private investors.

New Star International Investment Products is part of the New Star Asset Management Group, launched in June 2000 by John Duffield, founder of Jupiter AM.