FRANCE- Crédit Lyonnais Asset Management has appointed Jean-François Boulier as its new deputy chief investment officer and head of fixed income. Based in Paris. Boulier replaces François Marais, who was recently promoted to the position of CIO at CLAM.

Boulier will be responsible for overseeing CLAM’s institutional, and retail investments in bonds and money market funds worldwide. A team of 30 handling approximately e32.9bn in assets will report to him.

Prior to joining Crédit Lyonnais AM, Boulier worked within the Crédit Commercial de France, now HSBC-CCF. In his last role, Boulier was chief investment officer and president of CCF’s subsidiary, SINOPIA Asset Management.

Jean-François Boulier is also board member of the Institute of Quantitative Investment Research Europe and chairman of its research committee, honorary chairman of the French Finance Association, chairman of the French Asset and Liability Manager Association, chairman of the AFG-ASFFI Management Techniques Committee, treasurer of the French Association of Pension Funds and Schemes and professor of finance at the Paris-Dauphine University.