The French pensions dashboard will join the European Tracking Service (ETS) next year to provide mobile workers with information and possibly services on pensions,  said Didier Weckner, the president of Union Retraite, an association of first pillar pension schemes.

“In the longer term we have to on-board other countries: Italy, Luxemburg, and Germany,” he added, speaking at the IPE annual conference in Vienna.

The dashboard in France covers all pillars of the country’s pension system, with 42 pay-as-you go service providers and 100 private pension organisations on board, Weckner added.

The dashboard provides information on the amount of entitlements at time of retirement, among other things, and banks can use the information from the end users to provide advice on complementary saving plans, he added.

The ETS provides information on entitlements of mobile workers that have accrued pension savings in different countries in Europe, or with different pension providers. It functions as a public-private partnership of European national pension tracking services under German law.

Its members include National Pension Tracking Services like (Sweden) and Stichting Pensioenregister (Netherlands), and pension providers including APG and PGGM, and Germany’s supplementary pension provider for public sector employees VBL.

“We are striving for cooperation in our association. We found the ETS association last year, with different members and stakeholders in the field of pension, and we have created the European Forum on Pension Communication that still has to take off – it will start next year when we start to rollout the project,” said Claudia Wegner-Wahnschaffe, head of international at VBL, and ETS project manager.

The platform is set up as an association in Sweden, a public-private partnership covering all three pillar pension systems and 99.8% of the country’s pension market, with 5 million users.

“What we are trying to do is to attract many users in different ways, with detailed information,” said Anders Lundström, the chief executive officer of

Stichting Pensioenregister in the Netherlands is a private foundation operating under public law, with pension providers required to provide data to the dashboard, covering the first and second pillars.

Stefan Taubert, director of  Stichting Pensioenregister, said that the platform is ”the first step for people to engage with pensions” as he wants to encourage people to get in contact with their pension provider. The platform is on course to become a data hub for pension providers, he added.

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