UK - The Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA) has begun search for three groups of specialist advisers to support the implementation of the personal accounts pension regime, due to begin in 2012.

Officials at PADA say the body and civil servants do not have the expertise to introduce a private pensions system which must accommodate all working individuals currently without any form of pension provision.

So it is calling for companies to come forward to advise on the creation of a "multi-supplier framework agreement" which will assist the "client side advice and support" in the delivery of personal accounts, rather than the actual building of systems.

Consultants are being split into three categories: project and programme management, business analysis and requirement management, and "application architecture design and testing".

There appears to be significant emphasis from PADA on keeping costs low as a tender notice issued states "PADA welcomes bids from prospective suppliers with the requisite skills and experience (and particularly from any smaller/niche organisations who feel they are well-placed to provide the required services to high level of quality while offering PADA excellent value for money)".

A spokesman for PADA said the organisation could not say at this time whether the type of consultants included in this consultancy framework would reveal the type of system PADA would eventually adopt, stressing only it will be a "trust-based defined contribution scheme" so the framework must allow officials to" call down consultants for bespoke pieces of work as quickly as possible as and when there is a business need for their services".

Approximately five bidders will be appointed to each of the three framework processes, but officials state the scope of advice needed is "broad" and likely to require individuals projects across the cycle of personal accounts construction.

Interested parties are invited to submit tender documents by noon on May 31, and invitations to tender or participate will then be returned by PADA on June 10.

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