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    Poland: Eureko withdraws PZU application


    POLAND - Dutch insurance company Eureko decided this week to withdraw an application filed with Poland's insurance and pension regulator for permission to boost its stake in the Polish insurance giant PZU.

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    Russia softens reforms to calm public anger


    RUSSIA – The government is to increase the monthly labour pension by an average 240 rubles (E6.6) as of March, the Health and Social Development Ministry announced.

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    Czech pension funds earn 2 billion crowns


    CZECH REPUBLIC - Czech pension funds saw their profits rise by 38 million crowns to 1.97 billion crowns in January - September 2004, according to data from the Association of Pension Funds (APF).

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    Czech pension fund clients rise to 2.86m


    CZECH REPUBLIC - The number of privately insured Czechs rose to 2.86 million as of September 2004 from 2.74 million in December 2003, the Finance Ministry has said.

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    Czech pensions to rise 5.7% in 2005


    CZECH REPUBLIC - The Czech government has decided to raise the old-age pensions by 412 crowns (13 euros) per month on average as of January 2005, the Czech Labour Ministry said.

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    Polish pension funds return 2.3% - report


    POLAND - Poland's 16 pension funds saw an average rate of return at 2.3% in September, which was the best result in seven months, according to Analizy Online, a company which monitors the Polish pension fund market.

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    Czechs eye mid-2006 for pension reform


    CZECH REPUBLIC - The Czech Parliament approved this week the new government’s programme, which includes a pledge to prepare a reform of the pension system by the next general election scheduled for mid-2006.

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    Czech pension clients rise to 2.8m


    CZECH REPUBLIC - The number of privately insured Czechs rose by 150,000 year-on-year to 2.81 million in the first half of this year, the Finance Ministry said.

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    Czech minister seeks mandatory retirement saving


    CZECH REPUBLIC - The draft pension reform plan will have to contain some form of mandatory retirement savings, according to Tomas Prouza, who was recently appointed Czech deputy finance minister with responsibility for pension reform.

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    Czech pension account in deficit despite forecast


    CZECH REPUBLIC - The Czech pension account of the state budget was in a deficit of 1.8 billion crowns (56.6 million euros) in mid-June, although the Finance Ministry had predicted a surplus of three billion crowns.

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    Czech government plans pension reserve fund


    CZECH REPUBLIC - The Czech Labor Ministry has announced a plan to create a special reserve fund that would be used to kick off pension reform in the next year.

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    27% of Czechs have private pension scheme


    CZECH REPUBLIC - The number of privately insured Czechs rose by 52,000 to 2.792 million in the first quarter of this year, according to data from the Finance Ministry.

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    Poland unveils tax-free retirement accounts


    POLAND - Poland will launch the programme of individual tax-free retirement accounts in June 2004, the Labour Ministry has announced.

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    Polish sale by KBC

    April 2004 (Magazine)

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    Czechs to analyse pension reform


    CZECH REPUBLIC - The three Czech government coalition parties met last week with the opposition to discuss the long-term pension policy for the Czech Republic.

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    KBC sells Polish pension fund to PTE Polsat


    POLAND - Kredyt Bank, the Polish unit of Belgian financial holding company KBC, has decided to sell its pension business to competitor PTE Polsat for an undisclosed price.

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    Profit at No.2 Czech pension fund rises


    CZECH REPUBLIC - Penzijni fond Ceske Pojistovny, or PFCP, the second largest Czech pension fund, showed a profit of 295 million crowns (9.1 million euros) last year, a 47% increase over 2002.

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    Czech government outlines pension reform


    CZECH REPUBLIC - The Czech government approved general principles of pension reforms this week.

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    Polish pension funds show 26% return


    POLAND - Poland's 16 pension funds saw the asset-weighted average two-year rate of return at 26% at the end of December 2003, according to data from Poland's pension and insurance regulator KNUFE.