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    Long Term Matters: Investment can be a true profession

    February 2018 (magazine)

    Carillion, the UK construction company that collapsed recently, reminds us, once again, that investment is yet far from being a credible profession

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    Long Term Matters: Time to pay heed to political risk

    January 2018 (magazine)

    Speaking plainly but respectfully gets results more often than our ‘inner fence-sitter’ likes to acknowledge

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    Climate risk: Action on demand

    December 2017 (Magazine)

    We are winning the war against tobacco, at least in the developed world. Yet, we are losing the war to keep global warming to less than 2°C

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    Long-Term Matters: Elephants in the sustainability room

    November 2017 (Magazine)

    Decent folk in the investment world are beginning to ask why our sector is so slow to change. Why can’t it function as a fit for purpose enabler of human prosperity?

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    Long Term Matters: An Achilles’ heel for buybacks?

    October 2017 (Magazine)

    Investors are salivating over possible US corporate tax cuts. But evidence suggests this excitement is misplaced, at least from the perspective of the end beneficiaries

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    Long Term Matters: Climate Change

    September 2017 (Magazine)

    Divestment advocates or traditional investors – which side will lead? 

  • Washington DC

    Comment: Time to step up action on bribery and corruption


    Raj Thamotheram asks: What are investors doing to address ‘legalised corruption and bribery’?

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    Long-Term Matters: My inner Trump

    January 2017 (Magazine)

    Early on Wednesday 9 November we learnt that Donald Trump would be president of the US, and two days later I heard I may have a cancer.

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    Long-Term Matters: The lost decades

    November 2016 (Magazine)

    Evidence is emerging that the oil and gas sector knew about the risks of climate change for 40 years and buried this information. Had the world started decarbonising earlier, we could have done more to protect biodiversity and human life

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    Long-Term Matters: A world (nearly) on fire

    July / August 2016 (Magazine)

    The passion of the Brexiters, Donald Trump supporters and the far right in many countries is a wake-up call for those who think that all is well with globalisation.

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    Long-Term Matters: Hug a whistle-blower

    May 2016 (Magazine)

    Ask any board director or chief executive of a well-run company what they worry about most and the answer is invariably ‘what I don’t know is happening’

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    PE’s planetary alignment

    September 2013 (Magazine)

    ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ describes gender differences in cognition. Having attended three major private equity events – PEI Responsible Investment Forum (for ESG-friendly PE), Coller Institute Private Equity 2013 Symposium (for mainstream PE) and PEI Operating Partners Forum 2013 (for portfolio companies) – we propose transposing ...

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    Whose risk counts?

    July 2013 (Magazine)

    Paul Woolley – a successful academic economist, regulator and fund manager – gave sustainability investors a direct challenge at the recent Responsible Investor conference.

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    Dimon’s status quo risks

    June 2013 (Magazine)

    No one says star gazing is easy but let’s be brave. JP Morgan Chase (JPM) is a preventable surprise in the making. 

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    Tipping point for ESG?

    May 2013 (Magazine)

    Over 16 months, a trust-building initiative between major private equity limited partners (LPs), private equity associations, and general partners (GPs) has delivered a ground-breaking environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure framework that could provide the transparency that LPs say they want. The framework shows that asset owners care about extra-financial risks and opportunities and can send aligned signals. Could this exciting guideline be a tipping point? Five challenges will define its success.

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    End s-factor blindness

    April 2013 (Magazine)

    Sustainable capitalism is now in vogue. This is very welcome but advocates would have more credibility and impact if they paid greater attention to the ‘s’ (social) of ESG.

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    Put the bee back in beta

    March 2013 (Magazine)

    What is the price of a bee? And more generally, where does the extinction of bee populations – and with bees much of agriculture as we know it – fit into discounted cash flow and other investment/risk decision-making tools?

  • Special Report

    Environmental Risk: The Changing Climate: The seven-step programme

    February 2013 (Magazine)

    There is a clear route to making sure your portfolio is ‘future-proofed’ against climate change rather than a contributor to it, argues Raj Thamotheram. But, so far, very few investors are on it

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    A dozen reasons to be hopeful

    January 2013 (Magazine)

    The Chinese word for crisis has two characters – ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’. Holding apparently contradictory ideas together is not easy. So here are 12 reasons to be hopeful in 2013.

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    Let’s measure advisers

    January 2013 (Magazine)

    Investment consultants are so easy to blame. But on ESG matters, they are now doing some very important work – perhaps a result of prodding in earlier years. Now it’s time to reward consultants for faster progress and help them become the powerful facilitator for sustainable investing that they could be, and also help their leaders deal with the immunity to change that they face.