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    Long Term Matters: A preventable surprise

    December 2012 (Magazine)

    The world has been hit recently by a tsunami of corporate disaster. Then came the LIBOR scandal. 

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    Can PE save the world?

    November 2012 (Magazine)

    When private equity players come together to discuss how to be more responsible, that is noteworthy. 

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    Long-term Matters: Kay - make your voice heard

    October 2012 (Magazine)

    The Kay review is the best thing we’ve had on short-termism for decades

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    Long-term Matters: Hedge fund concerns

    September 2012 (Magazine)

    Hedge funds have, without doubt, delivered ‘loadsamoney’, especially for their staff and their richest and smartest customers over the past few decades. And there is also no doubt that short-selling can send a useful signal to the market about hidden risks.

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    Long-term Matters: Starting in their back yards

    July 2012 (Magazine)

    Foundations often exist to do public good. Their mission should be both to invest and provide grants. Protecting capital should be a priority; foundations do not need to be liability driven, have no reason to herd, and could use their long-term nature as a source of competitive advantage.

  • Shareholder Spring? Not exactly

    Shareholder Spring? Not exactly


    The 'Shareholder Spring' is welcome, but it's still only a minority of funds that are brave enough.

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    Long-term Matters: Shareholder Spring?

    June 2012 (Magazine)

    The recent AGM votes on executive pay at UBS, Barclays, Aviva and Citi are obvious signs of fundamental change, no?

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    Long-term Matters: RI talk wastes time

    May 2012 (Magazine)

    The time and money spent on long-term, responsible investing has not been very productive. Don’t get me wrong – we’ve made important progress and our common-sense approach to change was the right (only?) place to start. But if we can learn from experience, we could be making much deeper, faster progress.

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    Long-term Matters: Climate a major beta risk

    April 2012 (Magazine)

    Last week in Istanbul, I heard the International Energy Authority’s chief economist say the world’s on track for six degrees warming by 2100. This “catastrophe for all of us” is the mother of all preventable surprises.

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    Long-term Matters: Stop enabling corruption

    March 2012 (Magazine)

    My invitation to Prague last November had one drawback. The seminar was about corporate and political corruption. How depressing. Still, invited by the liberal Brookings Institution and the conservative American Enterprise Institute and convened by a leading US ambassador, how could I refuse?

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    Long-term Matters: Learning from bailouts

    February 2012 (Magazine)

    Why do bankers still not get their part in, to use Ken Rogoff’s phrase, the ‘Great Recession’? And what have institutional investors learned from these bailouts? An interesting CFA Institute blog shows that bailouts today are more frequent and more destructive than ever before. Unsurprisingly, the ‘why’ is deeply contested. Here’s my diagnosis to balance orthodoxy.

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    Long-Term Matters: It’s the water, stupid

    January 2012 (Magazine)

    I predict that water will become the single most important physical commodity-based asset class, dwarfing oil, copper, agricultural commodities and precious metals.

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    Long-Term Matters: Executive Pay

    December 2011 (Magazine)

    Why should investment professionals care about the ‘#Occupy’ protests? The majority of the public – ie, our customers – share some of the protesters’ views, even if they are not on the streets. One potent driver is the huge growth in income inequality over recent decades. With this comes disgust with politicians for being the primary ‘enablers’.

  • Long-term Matters: Musical chairs

    Long-term Matters: Musical chairs


    ESG teams would do well to move away from active managers and sit beside the risk team.

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    Long-term Matters: Musical chairs

    November 2011 (Magazine)

    In recent years, environmental, social and governance (ESG) teams have tried to get closer -– both intellectually and in seating arrangements – to the company’s active equity portfolio managers. And for good reason: these were the company’s stars. All this led, quite naturally, to a heavy focus on ESG alpha. ...

  • Special Report

    Mainstreaming responsible investment via sell side research: EAI three years on

    April 2008 (Magazine)

    The Enhanced Analytics Initiative was brought into being three years ago by institutional investors to promote and directly fund sell side research that takes account of long-term performance factors. Raj Thamotheram evaluates its progress

  • Special Report

    Investors take LTRI initiative

    June 2005 (Magazine)

    The last five years have seen a sea change in investment beliefs and practices. Previously those who might have raised concerns about market short-termism would have been dismissed as ideologically motivated critics, and those who favoured SRI, as having other agendas. While passionate defenders of the status quo have not ...