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    Strategically speaking: Barings

    December 2016 (Magazine)

    “An asset manager brand is very important. But, it is not the brand that defines people in the firm, it is the people who will define the brand.” That is the view of Tom Finke, CEO of Barings

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    Strategically speaking: Affiliated Managers Group

    November 2016 (Magazine)

    The business philosophy of AMG is a consistent one: grow revenue and cash earnings per share by taking stakes in best-in-class boutique asset management businesses. Repeat the exercise

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    Strategically speaking: TIAA Global Asset Management

    October 2016 (Magazine)

    TIAA has been on an expansion path in recent years. The organisation is now busy repositioning itself 

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    Strategically speaking: Union Investment

    September 2016 (Magazine)

    Union Investment has succeeded in transforming itself into a force in European asset management over the past decade

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    Strategically speaking: Aviva Investors

    July / August 2016 (Magazine)

    At Standard Life Investments, Euan Munro broke the mould in two ways as the founder of the Global Absolute Return Strategy (GARS) fund

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    Strategically speaking: Comgest

    June 2016 (Magazine)

    They still have not changed…

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    Strategically speaking: Nikko Asset Management

    May 2016 (Magazine)

    From a European perspective the story of Japanese finance over the decades seems to be one of dramatic rise followed by spectacular fall 

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    Strategically speaking: Capabilities for adapting

    April 2016 (Magazine)

    When Colin Clark, director of the global client group at Standard Life Investments, entered finance in 1980 he could not have predicted he would be part of some dramatic shifts in global asset management

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    Strategically speaking: SCOR Investment Partners

    March 2016 (Magazine)

    It took François de Varenne, CEO of SCOR Global Investments and SCOR Investment Partners, two years to convince the group to hold insurance risk on its own balance sheet

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    Strategically speaking: RBC Global Asset Management

    January 2016 (Magazine)

    We ask Damon Williams, co-chief executive officer of RBC Global Asset Management, what sets his company apart from other asset managers

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    Strategically speaking: Pictet Asset Management - Starting from scratch

    December 2015 (Magazine)

    As in other walks of life, things go in and out of fashion in institutional investment. Multi-asset investing is a case in point. Once, a few balanced managers held centre stage in pension fund management in countries like the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Then, in the 1990s and early 2000s, the orthodoxy was for manager diversification using segregated mandates or multi-manager approaches. Faith in the equity market premium was high, as was the thesis espoused by Gary Brinson that asset allocation is the primary driver of portfolio returns, ahead of market timing or stock selection. 

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    Strategically speaking: Principal Global Investors - A glimpse into the future

    November 2015 (Magazine)

    At least no-one dies as a result of what the investment management industry does or does not do. Unlike technological companies considering drone pizza deliveries or driverless cars, and where real issues of safety and liability may arise, asset management executives only have a set of financial outcomes to consider.

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    Strategically speaking: Amundi

    October 2015 (Magazine)

    Perhaps one of the greatest lessons of the 2007-08 period for institutional investors was about liquidity. Equity markets dropped precipitously and credit spreads widened, while liquidity in safe-haven assets dried up and other instruments became impossible to trade

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    Strategically speaking: Terra Firma Capital Partners

    September 2015 (Magazine)

    “The private equity industry is in the midst of a far-reaching structural change that is leading to a bifurcation of the industry,” says Guy Hands, chairman and chief investment officer of Terra Firma

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    Strategically speaking: Oaktree Capital Management

    July / August 2015 (Magazine)

    Howard Marks is the co-founder and co-chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, known in the investment community for memos to clients which detail distressed debt, credit and other investment strategies, insights into the economy, as well as for his distinctive investment philosophy

  • Stan Beckers

    Strategically speaking: NN Investment Partners

    June 2015 (Magazine)

    The rebranding of ING Investment Management, a well-recognised name in European asset management, is the epilogue to an intricate story that began during the financial crisis of the late 2000s

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    Strategically speaking: Astellon Capital Partners

    May 2015 (Magazine)

    Responding to a reporter’s question about what he most feared could blow his government off-course, the British prime minister Harold Macmillan is supposed to have said: “Events, dear boy, events.”

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    Strategically speaking: Kames Capital

    April 2015 (Magazine)

    Edinburgh-based Aegon Asset Management UK made a nod to its home city when it changed its name to Kames Capital in 2011

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    Strategically speaking: Candriam

    March 2015 (Magazine)

    “It was difficult to find a name,” recalls Candriam CEO Naim Abou-Jaoudé, a year after Dexia Asset Management needed a rebrand for its acquisition by New York Life Investments. “All the good names are taken!” 

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    Strategically speaking: Thriving on independence

    February 2015 (Magazine)

    “Our life at AXA was very good,” concedes Ardian’s Vincent Gombault, one year since the private equity firm completed its management buyout of a 52% stake from the insurance giant.