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  • Asoka Woehrmann

    Strategically Speaking: Asoka Woehrmann, DWS

    July/August 2020 (Magazine)

    DWS has just unveiled a new, simplified global structure. CEO Asoka Woehrmann explains how the reorganisation will allow the firm to focus on its key business lines

  • GerardOreilly

    Strategically speaking: Dimensional Fund Advisors

    June 2020 (Magazine)

    “Implementing the great ideas in finance for clients” is the stated mantra of Dimensional Fund Advisors’ founder and executive chairman David Booth. But at times of market stress and volatility, such as this year and in March in particular, even the most sophisticated and long-term-focused investors can question the validity of great ideas. 

  • Rajiv Jain

    Strategically speaking: GQG Partners

    May 2020 (Magazine)

    As an employee-owned boutique asset manager, GQG Partners is inherently more resilient than many other investment firms, according to chairman and CIO Rajiv Jain

    Special Report

    Strategically Speaking: HSBC Global Asset Management

    April 2020 (Magazine)

    As the financial markets enter uncharted territory, HSBC GAM could be well placed to take advantage of the dislocations in Asian and emerging markets. Its aim, though, is to offer investors the full spectrum of fixed-income solutions, says Xavier Baraton, global CIO for fixed-income private debt and alternatives.

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    Strategically speaking: Old Mutual Alternative Investments

    March 2020 (Magazine)

    Africa looks set to account for over half of the world’s population growth between now and 2050, according to the UN. Thanks to a young population and a high fertility rate, Africa’s population could exceed 2bn, making it the fastest-growing continent in that respect.

  • Aspect Capital

    Strategically Speaking: Aspect Capital

    February 2020 (Magazine)

    Over the last few years, Aspect’s diversification strategy has involved generating alternative income streams from new programmes and reducing the cost base

  • Andrew Dyson

    Strategically speaking: QMA

    January 2020 (Magazine)

    QMA’s CEO Andrew Dyson explains why current market dislocations arguably represent the biggest investment opportunities of the last decade – if not of  the last 25 years – for value investors

  • noel amenc index

    Strategically speaking: Scientific Beta

    December 2019 (Magazine)

    I am probably a little bit uncompromising,’’ says Noël Amenc, the founding CEO of Scientific Beta, the provider of factor indices and strategies. To those who know him that is an understatement.

  • francesco martorana

    Strategically speaking: Generali Investments

    November 2019 (Magazine)

    A year into Generali’s ambitious growth plan, it looks set to meet its promises

  • nicolaas marais

    Strategically speaking: Wells Fargo Asset Management

    October 2019 (Magazine)

    By his own account Nico Marais is an extraordinarily lucky man. The CEO of Wells Fargo Asset Management (WFAM) is keen to use every opportunity to emphasise his good fortune. In Marais’s modest telling of his own story, his success is thanks to the qualities of others, rather than to his own merits. “It’s the story of my life. I’ve just always worked for amazing people,” he says. 

  • peter branner

    Strategically speaking: APG

    September 2019 (Magazine)

    If people ask Peter Branner why he moved from Sweden to the Netherlands to run the asset management arm of APG he might tell them that he is in effect chief investment officer for more than a quarter of the Dutch population

  • george muzinich

    Strategically speaking: Muzinich & Co

    July/August 2019 (magazine)

    We are living in Disneyworld,” says George Muzinich, the CEO and chairman of Muzinich & Co, a New York-based investment manager specialising in corporate credit.

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    Strategically speaking: Montanaro Asset Management

    June 2019 (Magazine)

    As a Europe-focused small and mid-cap manager, the decision of London-based Montanaro Asset Management to launch its Better World fund, a global impact focused fund after a 27-year track record as a European house, was most certainly a change in strategic direction.

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    Strategically speaking: Research Affiliates

    May 2019 (Magazine)

    Self-described lifelong quant Rob Arnott finds the quantitative-investing industry often guilty of “overhyping and overselling” ideas

  • cheyne capital

    Cheyne Capital Management: High-impact debt investor

    April 2019 (Magazine)

    The growth of non-bank lending in Europe is often mentioned as a trend that could radically transform the European economy. This remains to be seen, but if banks gradually give some of their dominance in the lending market, then firms such as Cheyne Capital Management stand to benefit. 

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    Strategically speaking: Neuberger Berman

    March 2019 (Magazine)

    This year is a milestone for Neuberger Berman. It marks the 10th anniversary of the re-emergence of the firm as an independent, employee-owned in-vestment manager, as well as the 80th anniversary of its founding

  • david semaya

    Strategically speaking: Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management

    February 2019 (Magazine)

    Following the group’s reorganisation, SMTAM’s David Semaya outlines ambitious plans to widen their international expansion

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    Strategically speaking: Tages Group

    January 2019 (magazine)

    Saying that Tages is an investor in alternative asset management businesses does not really do justice to its eclectic nature

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    Strategically speaking: BlackRock Credit

    December 2018 (magazine)

    BlackRock is adding to its global private debt capabilities 

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    Strategically speaking: Allianz Global Investors

    November 2018 (magazine)

    The debates over the failures of active managers and parallel growth of passive investment often neglect two important facts