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  • Luigi Serenelli at IPE
    Opinion Pieces

    Next up for Switzerland: second pillar reform?

    November 2022 (Magazine)

    The narrow majority of Swiss citizens voting to reform the country’s statutory (AHV) pension system in a referendum on 23 September (52.2%) could create momentum to bring about changes to the second pillar. 

  • Luigi Serenelli
    Opinion Pieces

    Notes from Switzerland: Work in progress

    July/August 2021 (Magazine)

    History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce: now another referendum result in Switzerland is poised to obstruct changes designed for a long-term impact. 

  • beat zaugg
    Opinion Pieces

    Guest viewpoint: Beat Zaugg

    June 2019 (Magazine)

    A striking indication of ESG’s importance in Switzerland is that Ueli Maurer, the country’s president, will be the keynote speaker at the Swiss Sustainable Finance annual conference in Bern