UK – The Pensions Management Institute has formed a new group to provide “thought leadership to pension trustees.

The institute said the new federated Pension Trustee Group “has been established to provide support and thought leadership to all trustees including chairmen of trustee boards, independent trustees and lay trustees”.

It said its partners in initiative include leaders in the pension trustee field and have access to a wide range of experience and expertise.

These include: the PMI Trustee Group, the Independent Pension Trustee Group, the Occupational Pensions Defence Union and PensionChair. The latter is a network of pension trustee chairs.

“The PMI is heavily engaged in trustee education and trustee support,” said PMI president Penny Green.

“We are looking to widen this support to enable trustees to face the increasing challenges of the future. We are pleased to be joined by partners from such a wide range of different constituencies in this endeavour”.

“The PMI is to be congratulated on bringing together such a breadth and depth of experience to develop trustee standards and support to a greater level,” added IPTG chairman Roger Cobley.

OPDU director Jonathan Bull commented: “OPDU is proud of its work in supporting trustees and welcomes the opportunity to be part of this exciting new project.”