DENMARK – Net assets in Danish investment funds increased by 4.5 billion Danish crowns (605 million euros) in the month to the end of July, according to data from the Federation of Danish Investment Associations.

At the end of July, 328.5 billion crowns (44.4 billion euros) was held in Danish retail and institutional funds and foreign-investor funds – up from 324 trillion crowns (43.8 billion euros) at the end of June.

Of the 328.5 billion, around 26% was held in equities, around 3% in balanced funds and around 71% in bonds.

Total foreign equity exposure was 75.43 billion crowns (10 billion euros) with emerging market equities the dominant geographical region. Investments in North American equities had decreased. Domestic equities accounted for 11.5 billion crowns (1.5 billion euros).

Total Danish bond exposure was 141.7 billion crowns (19 billion euros) and foreign bonds 88.92 billion crowns (12 billion euros). Emerging market debt exposure had decreased slightly, as had global bond exposure. Both corporate bond funds and European bond investments had increased slightly.

Nordea Invest and Danske Invest dominate the domestic investment management market. Together the two firms have 168 billion Danish crowns (22.6 billion euros) in Danish funds under management.