NETHERLANDS/BELGIUM - Dutch financial services group, ING is taking further steps towards rebranding its subsidiaries worldwide by incorporating the ING name and logo within its Belgian subsidiary, Banque Bruxelles Lambert (BBL) with the intention of dropping the BBL brand name in due course.

The move follows similar initiatives taken with subsidiaries in the US, Mexico, Chile, Poland, the Czech Republic, Taiwan, Australia, the UK and Malaysia and is part of its strategy to create a single global brand.

Elsewhere in the Netherlands, ING is introducing dual branding with the banking and insurance businesses of Nationale-Nederlanden, Postbank, CenE Bankiers, Regio Bank and Movir, although there are no plans to move to the single brand name ING for these companies.

Says Ewald Kist, chairman of the executive board at ING: “In the coming years, having one brand will be regarded as a critical success factor in the financial world and will also enable ING to realise significant synergy opportunities while building global name awareness.”