Jeroen Wilbrink

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    Jeroen Wilbrink & Jelle Beenen

    May 2012 (Magazine)

    In the Guest Viewpoint column of IPE March 2012, Kees Cools and Anton van Nunen claimed that the current calculation used in assessing the health of a pension scheme is incorrect. They also claimed it had forced pension schemes to sell ‘cheap’ equities in favour of ‘expensive’ sovereign bonds, and that this selling has depressed prices of equities.

  • Don't let the ugly duckling become a Black Swan

    Don't let the ugly duckling become a Black Swan


    F&C's Jeroen Wilbrink warns pension funds not to be bedazzled by the 'beauty' of ALM.

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    Get down to the detail

    February 2009 (Magazine)

    Transaction proposals for collateralised finance trades are still not acknowledging the appropriate risks, says Jeroen Wilbrink. Pension funds should only make their balance sheet available at the right price