Kottmann quits Complementa to go independent
Switzerland- Felix Kottmann is leaving leading Swiss consultants Complementa after nine years with the St Gallen-based firm. Kottmann, who is a member of the executive committee, says: “After this time, I feel it is important to take a break and do something new. I think it is the right moment – it’s now or never.”

Initially, he will be working on an independent consultancy basis for a number of pensions plans in Switzerland. In particular, he will be helping the SAir-group pension funds, firstly as they tackle the short-term pressures due to plan sponsor Swiss Air’s financial turmoil, and secondly in their longer term strategies.

“Some weeks ago, Reto Kuhn, head of the SAir pension funds asked me to take on a mandate as a consultant. This is to run their asset pooling implementation project for the different group pension funds. They wanted someone to translate their ideas into reality.”

It would not have been possible to handle this within Complementa, who run the investment controlling of the SAir pension funds,” he points out.

Complementa says that following a request from SAir-Group a solution was found to release Kottmann immediately.

From SAir-group pensions point of view this is timely in view of the impact of the air carrier’s difficulties. “I will be involved straightaway in the issues of disinvestments at the fund. The whole asset allocation will have to be reconsideredshuffled with a view to having cash available, in case it should be needed to compensate those parts of the group leaving,” says Kottmann. There has never been in Switzerland the problem of how such a large company becoming bankrupt impacts on its pensions funds, he adds.

The firm pays tribute to Kottmann’s contribution and commitment to the success of Complementa over the nine years . It points to his changing role within the firm, which had “shifted more and more towards business relations, manager selection and restructuring projects”. In his role as senior consulantant, he was handling many of the firms’ senior clients.

Kottmann was responsible for setting up of managerselection .com, Complementa’s internet manager search service and he is to continue as president and managing director of this operation.
He expects to be involved as a professional board member with a number of pension plans, as well as undertaking some project planning at other plans.

Complementa also points out that the investment controlling division, which was headed by Benjamin Brandenberger , has become the operational responsibility of Adrian Gautschi, as from July this year, when he also became a member of the executive committee.