EUROPE - UK-based asset manager Threadneedle Investments is looking to open an Italian office, while actively pursuing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) elsewhere in Europe.

Crispin Henderson, recently promoted to chief executive officer (CEO) at the firm, told journalists at a press forum this morning: "We want to be the top 10 player in the cross-border market."

He outlined the firm's aggressive new strategy to gain business in continental Europe, while also aiming to recruit more people.

Next to its new offices in the Netherlands, the Nordics and Spain opened earlier this year, Threadneedle will now launch an office in Italy, said Henderson.

He outlined the firm will further focus on growing alpha, with launches such as its new 130/30 fund, but also via M&A activity.

The asset manager has already acquired specialist hedge fund manager Convivo in August, together with its $476m (€348.3m) emerging markets portfolio, for an undisclosed sum.

The firm currently has €102.3bn assets under management.

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