UK - Mercer Investment Consulting has launched an investment platform for defined contribution pension schemes.

It said the new service is designed to help scheme trustees and plan sponsors deliver DC investment options and benefits to their members.

“The Investment Platform provides trustees with a wide range of asset classes from which they can customise investment choices suited to their members current and ongoing needs,” the firm said.

Scheme trustees will have access to Mercer’s manager research and regular investment updates, while members benefit from trustees ability to select and design higher quality investment funds.

The system uses straight-through-processing from the administrator through to the investment manager.

“The Investment Platform gives trustees and, more importantly, their members access to Mercer’s highly-rated investment managers in a cost-efficient, flexible way,” said
European partner Stacy Scapino.

Around 60 different funds managed by over 20 investment managers will be available through the platform.

“Each fund has been chosen using Mercer’s rigorous manager research process, which involves on-site visits to investment managers, statistical analysis and consultants direct experience,” Scapino added.