Energy company Uniper has handed over a mandate to Universal Investment to manage investments in its Uniper Pension Trust e.V, a contractual trust arrangement (CTA) financing pension obligations for Uniper’s German companies.

The trust’s investments in equities and fixed income amount to a “single digit billion”, Universal disclosed in a note.

The transfer of the mandate from the current capital management company to the Master KVG Universal Investment will be finalised on 1 February. The pension investments will be transferred at the beginning of next year.

The CTA’s plan assets, set aside by companies to cover pension obligations, are managed by Uniper Pension Trust e.V as trustees, according to the Uniper’s financial statement for 2020.

The plan assets in the form of a CTA fund domestic pension plans for most of the German Uniper companies, according to the statement.

MetallRente on the path to reach 1 million pension contracts

German industry-wide pension fund MetallRente has recorded an increase of occupational and private pension contracts on a year-on-year basis, from 823,074 in 2020 to 859,010 as of September, it said.

The pension fund expects to soon reach 1 million occupational and private pension contracts, it added.

Occupational pensions grew by an annual average of 7.7% at MetallRente, against an overall market growth for company pension schemes of 1.3%. Direct insurance contracts progressed on average by 10.5% per year against 1.8% recorded for the overall market.

MetallRente caters for employees in almost 50,000 companies. In total 72,420 members receive pension benefits from MetallRente.

MetallRente’s Pensionfonds have returned 5.8% per year throguh the Dynamik investment strategy.

The firm’s managing director, Heribert Karch, said the goal from a socio-political standpoint is to guarantee to all employees a company pension on top of a statutory pension.

He called on “the new government to do everything to support companies and partners in collective bargaining agreements to further expand company pension schemes.”

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