NETHERLANDS - Dutch IT firm Ordina says it is working to finalise the harmonisation of its pension schemes in the next few months.

The harmonisation follows after a series of acquisitions, due to which Ordina has accumulated about 30 pension schemes in the past few years.

Ordina wanted to reduce this administrative burden and wanted to "create more equality among employees concerning pension rights," said a spokesperson for the company.

At the end of last year the Works Council approved the harmonisation of Ordina's pension schemes and reduce their number to two.

The basic scheme, which applies to the majority of Ordina's staff, takes the form of a defined contribution scheme.

"In only a few exceptional cases will staff be offered an average salary (defined benefit) scheme," Ordina said in March.

The firm expects a positive "one-off" financial impact of the harmonisation, which was supposed to be recognised this year

However, Ordina said it had not been taken into account for the profit forecast for the full year 2006, as previously announced.

The company is now waiting to come to an agreement with its employees in order to finalise the plans.