UK – The London-based Pensions Management Institute (PMI) and National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) have launched a new foundation level qualification, the Retirement Provision Certificate (RPC), aimed at people whose work brings them into contact with pensions and at those embarking on a career in pensions and benefits.

Says PMI President Ian Eggleden: “we identified that there was a need for a basic level qualification for people who deal with pensions, but perhaps not all of the time. RPC has been designed to meet that need and it is ready for people to sign up to now.”

The PMI says studying for the qualification will give people a broad understanding of the fundamentals of providing a retirement income. RPC is not designed solely for pensions professionals but also for HR and investment specialists, support staff in pensions departments, accountants, auditors, lawyers and anyone required to know the fundamentals of retirement provision.

The RPC covers a broad range of pensions topics including how they are managed, regulated and policed, the parties involved, the role of the state, investment and individual pensions and savings, state benefits, work related benefits and trusteeship.

Eggleden says it has already attracted a great deal of attention. The RPC study manual is now available and the first exams will be held in October.

PMI is the UK professional body for people working in the field of pensions. It offers a range of nationally recognised qualifications for pensions professionals.