UK - Scottish Widows Investment Partnership is reorganising its institutional business by bringing it all into one division under Chris Walker, the newly appointed director of its institutional division. The move adds client liaison to Walker’s responsibilities for the company’s global business development.

The appointment is part of the structuring of the firm’s sales and marketing team, which will be headed by Fiach Maguire, formerly pensions development director for UK at Perpetual Investment Management Services. At the same time, Jaki Platt has been appointed director of retail division and Bob Lawson as marketing director, completing the firm’s marketing executives responsible for the growth of its asset management business.

“I am very pleased to have been able to put such a strong team together. The reorganisation will have three main objectives: to enable us to provide better support to Scottish Widows IFA, direct and network sales, to give the institutional business the prominence it deserves and to put in place the marketing structure to drive our global ambitions,” says Fiach Maguire.

The company is the fifth largest active institutional manager in the UK with institutional funds of £21bn (e34bn) under management. It is also the second largest unit trust fund business in the UK with around £60bn in retail funds under management.