• Briefing: A safe haven

    Briefing: A safe haven

    April 2020 (Magazine)

    Treasuries, the yen, and gold all traditionally serve to harbour investors in times of stress. A closer look at the current demand for Treasuries, however, paints a complex world view with implications for financial markets. Yields suggest it might remain ugly for another decade. 

  • Features

    What next for US Treasuries?

    December 2018 (magazine)

    A consensus on the direction of 10-year US Treasury rates is not obvious, because the answer reverts to a further question: whose consensus? Strategists, economists and other informed professionals have a particular view. The market itself, however, expresses a more diffuse and different opinion. 

  • Briefing: US makes rapid turnaround

    Briefing: US makes rapid turnaround

    October 2019 (Magazine)

    Father Christmas delivered a sack of coal to equity markets last Christmas Eve, with the S&P 500 index losing 1.8%, following a three-day slide. Forecasters had previously been expecting two or three rate hikes in December, as Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell steered that discussion. He had mistakenly assumed that the economy had not yet reached a normal, neutral level but it already had, forcing him to backtrack.

  • Asset Class Reports

    US small & mid-caps: In the land of the brave

    February 2016 (Magazine)

    Led by technology and healthcare, the US small-cap sector is the most dynamic in the world but some companies are becoming overvalued 

  • Asset Class Reports

    US Equities: Concentration on quality

    June 2011 (Magazine)

    High quality franchises with a global outlook can deliver returns well ahead of the US market, finds Joseph Mariathasan. But it can be a bumpy ride

  • ESG roundup: fracking, fossil fuel divestment, oekom, FNG

    ESG roundup: fracking, fossil fuel divestment, oekom, FNG


    GLOBAL – UK Institute of Directors comes out in support of ‘fracking’.

  • Rethinking the elephant

    Rethinking the elephant

    November 2008 (Magazine)

    Your view on US large caps should be based on whether you think they are an investment decision or a gamble, argues Joseph Mariathasan

  • US Equities: Style bias
    Asset Class Reports

    US Equities: Style bias

    June 2010 (Magazine)

    Joseph Mariathasan uncovers a wide range of strategies among top performers in US equities

  • Wednesday people roundup

    Wednesday people roundup


    [15:30 CET 26-03] GLOBAL People roundup – Investment Solutions, Cardano, SWIP, IFDS, Hymans Robertson, Pimco, Axa Framlington, Resolution, AXA Rosenberg, Montae, Brown, Chi-X.

  • Top 500 Asset Managers 2022
    Special Report

    Top 500 Asset Managers 2022

    June 2022 (Magazine)

    The emergence of persistent higher inflation, China’s zero-COVID policy, stress on global supply chains, and Russia’s Ukraine war all suggest that the asset total of this year’s IPE Top 500 Asset Managers Guide represents a high water mark.