GLOBAL – State Street chief executive Ron Logue has indicated that the bank sees opportunities to make acquisitions in the areas of asset management, institutional books of business and - possibly - hedge funds. Asked by Bloomberg TV if State Street was considering acquisitions, Logue said: “Yes, we are going to be one of the companies making acquisitions, so I think we've been able to successfully execute previous acquisitions and they've really helped.” He cited the Deutsche Bank custody acquisition earlier this decade. He added: “You want a pretty nice, diverse set of assets, at least on a custody side, but for us, we could do the same thing on the asset management side. “We could see some opportunities for books of institutional assets as well that we could manage. Hedge funds would be another possibility.” Logue wasn’t referring to anything specific, a spokeswoman said. “He was asked a similar question on our analyst call and response is always same, that we have proven we can do a large acquisition, and these are the types of things we're interested in but there isn't anything immediately actionable.”