The Swedish Occupational Pensions Association (Tjänstepensionsförbundet) has expanded its board to seven members from three, after a decision that from now on, the leaders of all member pension funds will sit on the governing panel.

The change has come about as a result of a proposal by Carl Cederberg, chair of the association’s nomination committee and chief executive officer of member pension fund Kyrkans Pension.

Cederberg told IPE: “As chairman of the nomination committee of the Occupational Pensions Association, I proposed that all seven members should be offered a position in the form of the respective CEO.”

This proposal was then adopted unanimously at the lobby group’s annual meeting on 10 September, he said.

“According to the Church’s pension fund, the decision means a more open and transparent process,” said Cederberg.

“The Church’s pension fund’s membership in the Occupational Pensions Association provides a good platform to safeguard the interests of our members with regard to occupational pension issues,” the CEO said.

Before the change, the association’s board consisted of just three members.

The new board is chaired – as before – by Lars-Åke Vikberg, CEO of SPK Pension, and alongside Cederberg, the other board members include Kjell Norling, CEO of PP Pension; Caroline Örtengren of FPK Försäkringsbranschens Pensionskassa; Gunnar Balsvik of Kåpan Pension and the CEOs of SH Pension and VFF Pension, Annelie Helsing and Conny Granbom.

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