SWITZERLAND – Five of the six verdicts handed down last year in the corruption scandal surrounding the BVK – the public pension fund for the canton of Zurich – have been challenged.

In November 2012, the regional court for the canton sentenced the BVK's former head of asset management, Daniel Gloor, to six years in prison and fined him CHF500,000 (€400,000).

The court also issued verdicts for five other people allegedly involved in the case.

However, the regional court told IPE the defendants, the canton or the public prosecutor had now all challenged most of the rulings.

A court spokeswoman said: "The files will go to the Obergericht [court] tomorrow [18 June]."

She decline to specify which verdicts had been challenged by which parties involved.

According to Swiss news daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), the canton appealed the verdict against Gloor because it wants the fine to be doubled.

Similarly, both the canton and the public prosecutor want to increase the claim for damage handed down for Adrian Lehmann.

According to the NZZ, the public prosecutor thinks the two-year sentence is too lenient.

The news daily said one defendant, Ruman Hranov, had appealed for an acquittal, while other defendants were seeking reduced sentences.

The only verdict that remains unchallenged is the acquittal of Walter Meier under the statutes of limitations.

The appeal trials will commence in 2014.

Daniel Gloor remains in prison, where he has been since the sentencing in November.