SWITZERLAND -- Zurich-based asset manager Swissca has changed its name to Swisscanto. The new name also coincides with the merger of the Swissca, Prevista and Servisa operations.

“Swissca was not a successful name because it was not distinctive enough from telecom provider Swisscom and the insurance company Swissco,” said Markus Wirth, Swisscanto head of product management.

“But the name Swisscanto brings us closer to the Swiss cantonal banks who are out owners and also our most important institutional clients,” he added

“Prevista Investment Foundation provides special funds for Swiss pension funds, Servisa offers a pension solution to smaller companies, for both asset management and administration, while Swissca as Switzerland’s third largest fund porovider and also the assert manager for Prevista Investment Foundation,” Wirth said.

Wirth was promoted Swisscanto’s head of product management having been having been head of institutional marketing.

Swisscanto has total customers' assets managed of CHF48bn, CHF33bn of which are invested in investment funds.