UK - Almost three-fifths of UK pensioners received an average of £160 (€178) a week in 2007-08 from occupational pensions in retirement , according to figures from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Latest findings from 'The Pensioners' Income Series 2007-08" - which estimated the levels, sources and distribution of pension income - revealed the average net income for all pensioner 'units' - both single and couples - was £295 (€328) a week after housing costs.

The study showed the average net income after housing costs rose 38% between 1998-99 and 2007-08, which is faster than the level of average earnings, as they increased by 11% in the same period.

Findings from the report - based on two household surveys - suggested the recent growth in average income "has been driven by continued increases in benefits, occupational pension income and earnings".

In 2007-08, state benefit income was the largest component of pensioners' gross income at 42% of income, while occupational pensions contributed 24% and earnings delivered 18%, although investment income and personal pension income were responsible for 11% and 4% of sums held respectively.

Figures suggested that 59% of pensioner 'units' received some income from occupational pensions in the last year, with an average amount of £160 per week, while just 14% received personal pension benefits at an average of £101 a week.

At least 72% received some income from investments, but at an average of just £60 a week, while earnings produced the highest income of around £407 a week though this only benefitted 17% of pensioners.
The findings also showed the average net income for pensioner couples was over twice that of single pensioners at £416 a week, compared to £193 a week, although the net income of both groups rose by 33% in real terms between 1998-99 and 2007-08.

Single female pensioners were found to receive around 87% of an equivalent male pensioner's income at £185 a week compared to £216, while pensioner couples where the head of the family is under 75 years of age received the highest average income of £432 a week compared to £378 a week for a couple where the head of the family is aged over 75.

Single pensioners aged under-75 also received more income on average, at £206 a week, than those over the age of 75 who received around £183 a week after housing costs.

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