UK – Leading US population expert, Dr Linda Martin, president of the Population Council in New York is giving a speech on future pensions in an ageing world at the University of Oxford on Thursday June 14.

The annual lecture of the Oxford Centre on Population Ageing will look at the issues affecting demographically ageing economies.

Martin does not see the ageing of the baby boom generation as a major problem, if the issue is dealt with carefully.
“ Although media concern would lead us to believe that disaster awaits, timely multi-disciplinary research can inform sound policy development to mitigate any negative consequences of these changes,” she says.

The lecture, which forms part of the Oxford Ageing Initiative Week, will discuss various aspects surrounding old age pension. Martin will address the effect of pension regulations on the labour participation of older people and the quality of life of pensioners.

She will also look at whether increasing wealth leads to more household privacy and autonomy between pensioners and their adult children, and on how different retired people will be in 30 years compared to those of today.
Finally, Martin will discuss what less developed countries, whose age structures are young but ageing rapidly, can learn from the experience of richer countries.

The Oxford Centre on Population Ageing was established in 1998 with funding from the US National Institute on Ageing and is now supported by a mix of core and research contract money.
Dr Linda Martin’s lecture starts at 5.30pm on Thursday June 14.

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