IPE - Now is your chance to vote for IPE's Best Investment Consultancy and Outstanding Industry Contribution awards.

The nominees encompass a wide range of well-respected and prominent industry figures and consultancies from across Europe.

They include Marinos Gialeli, general manager of the Hotel Employees Provident Fund, the largest private sector DC plan in Cyprus; Penny Green, chief executive of the Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London; and professor Klaus Heubeck, one of the most prominent actuaries in Europe.

Other nominees include Jean-Pierre Steiner, former head of pensions at Nestlé, and Chris Verhaegen, who has led the European Federation for Retirement Provision since her appointment in 1997 as the organisation's first permanent staff member.

Please give us your top three choices for each category - the winners will be announced at the IPE Awards 2010 event on 7 December in Monaco.

To vote, please follow this link.