The recently established €100bn asset manager Achmea Investment Management has launched a recruitment drive to attract 35 new staff to expand the company.

Achmea IM, which now has 200 employees, is aiming to become one of the three largest asset managers in the Netherlands, according to Rogier Krens, director of asset management.

In its campaign, the manager describes itself as “a €100bn start-up that has set up a kick-start project”.

“We have opted for this approach,” Krens said, “because we consider ourselves a new company.”

Last year, Achmea IM was created through the merger of Syntrus Achmea Asset Management, Achmea’s retail asset management branch and the department that manages assets on behalf of the insurer.

Achmea IM established its head office in Zeist as the role of asset management within the company has increased.

Krens said it anticipated significant growth through its general pension fund (APF), run by insurer Centraal Beheer, part of the Achmea Group.

He added that Achmea IM also expected to receive more mandates from the insurer, having already been granted mandates for the management of government bonds and the selection of external asset managers.

Krens said Achmea IM sought to attract asset managers and new expertise with its launch campaign.

“We are new,” he said. “We do new things and have an open culture, and we think this will be a breath of fresh air for people in more hierarchical companies.”

At present, Achmea IM has seven vacancies for positions in credit, high yield and business development, it said.