The share of global assets managed through passive strategies has grown from 17% to 22% in this year’s Top 400 Asset Managers survey carried out by IPE.

However, the share of ‘passive’ global assets is still below its high point of 26% in 2016.

Actively managed global assets are growing at a higher rate, according to the IPE survey. The compound annual growth rate of ‘active’ global assets for the past five years was nearly 7.9%, compared with a rate of 5.2% for passive assets.

At a European level, 80% of institutional assets managed were through active strategies, according the survey. This was down from 83% last year, indicating that passive strategies are gaining ground among European institutional investors.

The growth rate of passively managed institutional assets in Europe for the past five years was 6.3%, compared with a 7.5% rate for actively managed assets.

In this year’s IPE Top 400 survey, the ratios of active and passive assets were calculated from the total figures for actively managed and passively managed assets across the whole universe of managers that were surveyed. This means the sample varies slightly year-on-year due to mergers between managers and other events.

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