Mercer has set up a new company, Mercer Bonnor in Denmark specialising in employee benefits.

This follows the acquisition by Mercer parent Marsh McLennan of the insurance broking business Bonnor & Co and the decision to split the business in two, with Bonnor Marsh McLennan being est-ablished to look after general insurance business.

Carsten Schmidt, who headed the Mercer benefits office in Co-penhagen will run the new operations. Our staff size will increase to ten as a result," he says. "The people will be on the benefits side, as we will not have any investment specialists. These can be brought in as needed from London or Stockholm, which is building up strongly."

The main thrust of activity will be benefits business, but Carsten says there could be some "performance and reward" work as well. "We do have considerable work in advising clients in setting up new plans and defining benefits policy.""