A Swiss pension fund is seeking exposure to its domestic equities market through a factor investing mandate, via IPE Quest.

According to search QN-2413, the investor plans to allocate CHF350m (€302m) to a multi-factor strategy.

The strategy should include exposure to value, momentum, low risk and quality, the pension fund said.

It added that “additional factors can be included, if the added value can be shown”.

“Furthermore, the approach should be tailored to the unique features of the Swiss equity market,” the investor said.

Managers pitching for the business should have at least CHF200m under management in the strategy, and at least CHF1bn across the firm.

The minimum track record required is one year, but the investor would prefer a 10-year record if available. Performance should be stated gross of fees to 31 December 2017.

The investor stated: “This mandate can potentially be integrated into the umbrella structure of an existing single-investor fund with our custodian UBS.”

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