Watson Wyatt has a longer history in European consultancy than most. It set up in the UK 120 years ago with the contintental European operation starting 15-20 years ago. Watson Wyatt specialises mainly on the actuarial and human resources side, offering reward strategies, compensation packages, benefit and actuarial services, and advice to insurance companies, but also a fair degree of investment consulting to pension funds and insurers. Its strategic aim to be an integrated cross-border service provider has meant the establishment of 14 offices throughout Europe. The expansion has been influenced heavily, as with so many of its peers, by the force of the multinational client. The consultancy is also planning to develop local clients further, says Ian Skinner, consultant at Watson Wyatt in the UK. Just servicing subsidiaries of multinationals doesn't give you the depth of knowledge and expertise in a market that you need." A further venture is in the pipeline. Skinner won't confirm what form it will take, although he does point to an increase in investment in technology, which will become increasingly important for Watson Wyatt. "In the future, if you haven't got your IT and your communications right, as a consultant on a multi-country basis, you're dead in the water.""