On the Record: How do you help members get the best out of DC?

February 2016 (Magazine)By

Rightsizing contributions and risk 

Anders Damgaard - PFA Pension

How We Run Our Money: PFA Pension

February 2016 (Magazine)By

Anders Damgaard, CFO of Denmark’s PFA Pension, share his company’s plans to strengthen internal investment capacity and its quest for yield in illiquid markets

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Briefing: A longevity step-change?

February 2016 (Magazine)By

Was 2015’s unexpected increase in the UK mortality rate a blip or a slowing of the mortality improvement rate? Gail Moss reports 

Financial technology: big data, greater expectations

February 2016 (Magazine)

In an age of big data, investors are making increasing demands on their managers, who are also faced with rising security and regulatory challenges, writes Vanessa Drucker

Vietnam: Ripe for take-off

February 2016 (Magazine)

Picking up the pace of Vietnam’s privatisation efforts is key to a more robust capital market, argues Thu Hoai Nguyen

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Is your roof fixed?

February 2016 (Magazine)By

With market volatility, oil price falls, interest rate increases in the US and QE in Europe, the investment landscape has rarely looked so clouded

Letter from Brussels: A simmering conflict

February 2016 (Magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

Conflict continues to simmer over the issue of passport rights for non-EU-domiciled hedge funds across the EU

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digging for victory

Small & Mid-Cap Equities: Digging for victory

February 2016 (Magazine)By

Successfully investing in small and medium-sized companies involves getting to know the intricacies of how relatively simple businesses work

US small & mid-caps: In the land of the brave

February 2016 (Magazine)By

Led by technology and healthcare, the US small-cap sector is the most dynamic in the world but some companies are becoming overvalued 

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Long-Term Matters: COP21 - let’s change the questions

February 2016 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

It is clear the COP21 climate change summit was a diplomatic success in the face of powerful vested interests lobbying hard to prevent progress

Guest viewpoint: Saker Nusseibeh - Hermes Investment Management

February 2016 (Magazine)

“Carbon risk is more of an issue for investors today than ever… But most fail to take it properly into account”

Diary of an Investor: In the wrong clothes

February 2016 (Magazine)By Pieter Mullen

It has not been a great start to the year at Wasserdicht’s Dutch pension fund. Volatile markets have been worrying our trustees and our coverage ratio has dropped, just like at most Dutch pension funds. 

Long-Term Matters: Followers will make the money flow

January 2016 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram, Edward Waitzer

“Investment is the most often repeated word in IMF meetings, UN meetings, [the] G20 meeting, IIF meetings,” Angel Gurria, secretary general of the OECD said at the organisation’s recent long-term investing conference in Paris

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Ahead of the Curve: Time to embrace downside risk

February 2016 (Magazine)

The attractions of equity put options as way to reduce a portfolio’s downside risk exposure can make it an expensive play. But offering call options canprovide higher long-term returns

Ahead of the Curve: Repo faces paralysis

January 2016 (Magazine)

As the repo market faces an uncertain future, Andy Hill looks at the ramifications of increased regulation and liquidity demands

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