Museum of Art History, Vienna

New chief executive at Austria's Valida to focus on Vorsorgekassen

Fri, 27 Feb 2015By

Stefan Eberhartinger to reduce active sales of Pensionskassen contracts

Canary Wharf, London

​FRC proposes changes to pension accounting rules for smaller, micro entities

Fri, 27 Feb 2015By Stephen Bouvier

New accounting regime to apply to UK and Ireland

European Central Bank

S&P: DB funding at European companies to fall by 15% due to QE

Fri, 27 Feb 2015By

Ratings agency warns failure of QE to boost growth will further hamper scheme funding

Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgarian pension fund companies seek EIOPA support on measurement

Fri, 27 Feb 2015By Krystyna Krzyzak

Companies dispute regulator’s claims cumulative returns have been negative

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Patrick Uelfeti - deputy CIO Publica HWROM March 2015

How We Run Our Money: Publica

March 2015 (Magazine)By

Carlo Svaluto Moreolo talks to Publica’s deputy CIO Patrick Uelfeti about the fund’s approach to asset management

Mike Jensen

How We Run Our Money: Lancashire Pension Fund

February 2015 (Magazine)By

Carlo Svaluto Moreolo asks Mike Jensen (pictured), CIO of the UK’s Lancashire Pension Fund, about the fund’s pooling venture and the need for better liability management in British local government pensions

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Briefing - Switzerland: Guided choices

February 2015 (Magazine)By

Some Swiss pension funds are introducing a degree of individual investment choice. Barbara Ottawa assesses progress so far 

Briefing - Netherlands: Towards Dutch sustainability

February 2015 (Magazine)

Nine pension specialists* outline a model for the future of the Dutch pension system 

Briefing: Pension Funds and ETFs, Still in the future

February 2015 (Magazine)By Brian Bollen

Exchange traded product providers claim improving costs make them better than derivatives or traditional passive solutions for both tactical and strategic investment. Brian Bollen finds Europe’s pension funds yet to be fully convinced

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Juncker needs you!

February 2015 (Magazine)By

Pension funds, take note. Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, wants your money to invest in a laundry list of up to 2,000 projects.

Oil spill

February 2015 (Magazine)By

A black stain has spread across IPE’s investment pages lately, and not because of a foul-up at the printers.

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Investing In Small & Mid-Cap Equities: Starved of capital

January 2015 (Magazine)By Joseph Mariathasan

Central bank policies are heading for divergent paths. Joseph Mariathasan looks into the likely impact on small and mid-sized stocks, where valuations are already exhibiting marked differentiation

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Ship loading cargo

IPE Views: Is there an alternative to alternatives?

Wed, 18 Feb 2015By Pete Drewienkiewicz

Pete Drewienkiewicz on why investors should simply look at asset classes based on their investment goals and objectives

farming agriculture

IPE Views: Should investors be concerned about farm animal welfare?

Mon, 16 Feb 2015By Joseph Mariathasan

The treatment of company staff has long been on the radar for investors. But Joseph Mariathasan says that animal welfare is just as important

Long-term Matters: Taxing questions

February 2015 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

Tax wasn’t a material issue for ESG – let alone traditional – investors a few years ago, but now it is. So how did this happen and what does it tell us about other issues which are currently dismissed as non-material?

Guest viewpoint: Bosch Group's Bernhard Wiesner

February 2015 (Magazine)By

Does the new IORP II Directive reflect the needs of sponsoring companies and their IORPs in Europe?

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Asset Allocation, Ahead of the Curve: UK pension funds face inflation risk

February 2015 (Magazine)By

Given current forecasts, Andrew Brigden argues that the UK faces a huge shortage of inflation-linked bonds. Will the state have to assume the inflation risk that pension funds can no longer hedge?

Asset Allocation - Ahead of the Curve: An era of diminished expectations

January 2015 (Magazine)By

Peter Perkins runs through some basic asset and regional allocation strategies to meet the probable economic scenarios of the next decade

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