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Pension funds' ETF allocations driven by diversification, study shows

Tue, 27 Jan 2015By

Schemes hold onto ETFs for 29 months on average – the highest of all institutions in Europe

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Norwegian oil fund offloads firms over environmental, human rights records

Tue, 27 Jan 2015By

Sovereign wealth fund divests from three companies after concerns raised over environmental, ethical and human rights records

Amsterdam at night

Dutch pension fund mulls merger with three other schemes

Tue, 27 Jan 2015By

Pension fund for disabled workers seeks to ‘secure certainty’ for participants

Sunset in Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss BVK avoids CHF1bn loss with 'comprehensive' currency hedge

Tue, 27 Jan 2015By

Hedge allows pension fund for canton of Zurich to weather currency volatility ‘comparatively well’ 

The Houses of Parliament, London

UK Debt Management Office concedes 'growing case' for CPI issuance

Tue, 27 Jan 2015By

Pension funds continue to lobby DMO over issuance of index-linked Gilts based on consumer prices index

Oia village at Santorini island in Greece

​Possibility of Greek exit already factored into portfolio – APG

Mon, 26 Jan 2015By

Pension fund shifted strategic government bond allocation in favour of UK, US government paper

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On the Record: Andreas Kretschmer CEO, Ärzteversorgung Westfalen-Lippe (ÄVWL) Germany

January 2015 (Magazine)By

Do you invest in long-term, illiquid assets? Matching long-term cash flow to liabilities

On the Record: Allen Twyning Head of debt origination, Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC) UK

January 2015 (Magazine)By

Do you invest in long-term, illiquid assets? Matching long-term cash flow to liabilities

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New ways to talk to your members

January 2015 (Magazine)By Gail Moss

As European social welfare budgets come under pressure, persuading stakeholders of the need both to make retirement provision and to save towards it is becoming more crucial.

Investment Briefing: Sayonara, keiretsu

January 2015 (Magazine)By David Turner

Abenomics may not be the only reason to take another look at Japanese equities. David Turner uncovers a sudden conversion to the shareholder-friendly religion

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Frozen conflict

January 2015 (Magazine)By

Since a 1964 report on road pricing in the UK, authored by one RJ Smeed, the idea of charging citizens for use of public highways has been repeatedly raised in Britain. 

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Guest viewpoint “The long term can be a very strange place in many ways”

January 2015 (Magazine)By

With 78% of pension funds considering themselves long-term investors in an IPE Focus Group survey, it would be tempting to believe that dramatic progress had been made towards achieving the objectives of the Kay Review on UK equity markets.

Every lesson helps

December 2014 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram, Aidan Ward

Here are 12 things arising from the Tesco accounting debacle that pension funds could deploy which would help prevent, or at least mitigate, similar implosions. This needs to be a two-way process. My questions are forward-looking and include some that investors can ask of asset managers.

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Asset Allocation - Ahead of the Curve: An era of diminished expectations

January 2015 (Magazine)By

Peter Perkins runs through some basic asset and regional allocation strategies to meet the probable economic scenarios of the next decade

Asset Allocation: Ahead of the Curve, Europe is the new China

December 2014 (Magazine)By

George Saravelos sees ‘euroglut’ – and consequently one of the biggest capital outflows in history as excess savings flee aggressive ECB easing, sending the euro plunging against the dollar.

Asset Allocation - Ahead of the Curve: Contagion spreads

November 2014 (Magazine)By

Achilles Risvas assesses the potentially devastating knock-on effects of a fall in bond prices and a flight from credit

Post-crisis or pre-crisis?

October 2014 (Magazine)By

History warns us that the next crisis is just around the corner. Arturo Bris outlines the shapes it is taking and what we can do to mitigate it

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