Howard Covington: Chairman of the Isaac Newton for Mathematical Sciences Management Committee

IPE Awards: Asset values at risk in warmer world (video)Video

Fri, 21 Nov 2014By IPE Staff

Howard Covington, chairman at the Isaac Newton for Mathematical Sciences Management Committee, speaks on the risk to asset values posed by climate change

Eric Valtonen: Former CIO, AP3

IPE Awards: Changes in asset allocation decision-making for pensions (video)Video

Fri, 21 Nov 2014By IPE Staff

Erik Valtonen, former CIO at AP3, shares his views on new risk-based approach

Robin Claessens: Managing Director, Redington

IPE Awards: Humility key to managing relationships in pensions (video)Video

Fri, 21 Nov 2014By IPE Staff

Robin Claessens, managing director at Redington, gives his top tips on pension fund management

 Torben Moger Pederson: CEO, PensionsDanmark

IPE Awards: Green investment an opportunity (video)Video

Fri, 21 Nov 2014By IPE Staff

Torben Möger Pedersen, chief executive at PensionDanmark, discusses the long-term nature of green investing in present environment

Vienna, Austria

IPE Awards: More dynamic investing by pension funds (video)Video

Fri, 21 Nov 2014By IPE Staff

Amin Rajan, chief executive at CREATE-Research, says pension plans have ‘absolute clarity’ on their beliefs

Stefan Dunatov: CIO, Coal Pensions Trustees Investment

IPE Awards: Room for improvement from asset managers (video)Video

Fri, 21 Nov 2014By IPE Staff

Stefan Dunatov, CIO at Coal Pensions Trustees, says asset managers should be more ‘solution focused’

Christian Bohn: CEO, APKPensionskasseAG

IPE Awards: Asset managers should look at wider investment horizon (video)Video

Fri, 21 Nov 2014By IPE Staff

Christian Böhm, chief executive at APK, speaks at the IPE Conference & Awards 2014 on pension fund, asset manager relationships

Geiranger Fjord, Norway

Norwegian pension fund manager KLP divests from coal industry

Fri, 21 Nov 2014By Gail Moss

Aims to contribute to ‘urgently needed’ switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy

Vienna, Austria

IPE Awards: Pension funds must dare to invest in untested asset types

Fri, 21 Nov 2014By

Nearly half of investors have had to reject investments due to constraints, according to IPE poll

Craig Stevenson

IPE Awards: How should activist hedge funds behave? (video)Video

Thu, 20 Nov 2014By IPE Staff

Craig Stevenson, senior investment consultant at Towers Watson, discusses where allocations to activist hedge funds should sit in pension fund portolios

John Bruton

IPE Awards: EU at risk due to ‘national egoism’, former Taoiseach warns

Thu, 20 Nov 2014By

Former EU ambassador to US calls on governments to ‘give a little to get a little’ during keynote speech at the 2014 IPE Conference & Awards in Vienna

Pound notes

Fixed fees most often not in investors' best interests, study shows

Thu, 20 Nov 2014By Brendan Maton

Only when third-party managers are very skilled can fixed fees be the right choice for clients, says Cass Business School

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How We Run Our Money: In search of a future-proof ATP

November 2014 (Magazine)By Caroline Liinanki

Henrik Gade Jepsen, chief investment officer of ATP, tells Caroline Liinanki why he thinks the fund must adapt its portfolio structure

Strategically Speaking - Majedie Asset Management: Global, naturally

November 2014 (Magazine)By

Before this year, Majedie Asset Management had rolled out just five products since it was established in 2002 – one of which was a concentrated version of another. By those standards, 2014 has seen riotous activity, with the summer launches of a US equities fund and two global funds adding to the existing line-up of UK equity and global long/short funds.

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How We Run Our Money: In search of a future-proof ATP

November 2014 (Magazine)By Caroline Liinanki

Henrik Gade Jepsen, chief investment officer of ATP, tells Caroline Liinanki why he thinks the fund must adapt its portfolio structure

ECB exercise to beef up ABS

November 2014 (Magazine)By Anthony Harrington

The ECB hopes its plans to invest heavily in the asset-backed securitisation market will encourage other investors and ultimately help boost real economy lending, writes Anthony Harrington

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Guest viewpoint: “Macro matters. We ignore it at our peril”

November 2014 (Magazine)By Bob Swarup

Open a newspaper. Any newspaper. Read the front page and then the business pages. Absorb, assimilate, repeat. After half a dozen goes, you may notice a pattern. 

Diary of an Investor: Generation games

November 2014 (Magazine)By Pieter Mullen

Now that my children are getting older they ask me more about what I do for a living and the questions are getting a bit more demanding. My eldest, especially, is at an age when questions come thick and fast. 

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A-shares on the rise

November 2014 (Magazine)By

There are signs that European institutional investors find Chinese equities interesting. Finland’s Ilmarinen now separates China equity holdings (A and H-shares), in its reports, and Denmark’s AP Pension has boosted its China equity exposure to 5%, although it has excluded domestic property and banks.

That’s about the size of it

November 2014 (Magazine)By

In late September, one of the world’s largest pension funds ditched its hedge funds, and one of the world’s largest mutual funds lost its manager. One decision made sense, but not for the reasons most commentators put forward. The other made sense, despite all the focus on the nonsense surrounding it.

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Investing In Global Equities: Multiple problems

November 2014 (Magazine)

Does the vast amount of central bank liquidity in the system help to make sense of current equity valuations, and should investors therefore be worried about the ‘punch bowl’ being taken away? Joseph Mariathasan tries to evaluate today’s valuations

High-yield Bonds & Loans: Revolution from above and below

October 2014 (Magazine)By Joseph Mariathasan,

Few markets outside the emerging world have changed to the extent that European high-yield has over recent years. Joseph Mariathasan and Martin Steward find transformation coming from the massive to the micro, from above and below

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Geneva, Switzerland

Mandate roundup: Publica, IPE-Quest, Newham Pension Fund

Thu, 20 Nov 2014By IPE Staff

Swiss pension fund adds private placement mandate in investment overhaul

Market data

Nearly 80% of pension funds to take on more risk, study predicts

Wed, 19 Nov 2014By

Sixty percent aim to increase private equity exposure, 29% hedge funds, according to State Street


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Asset Allocation - Ahead of the Curve: Contagion spreads

November 2014 (Magazine)By

Achilles Risvas assesses the potentially devastating knock-on effects of a fall in bond prices and a flight from credit

Post-crisis or pre-crisis?

October 2014 (Magazine)By

History warns us that the next crisis is just around the corner. Arturo Bris outlines the shapes it is taking and what we can do to mitigate it

No place like homes

September 2014 (Magazine)By

Christophe Caspar looks into whether or not European housing is a safe home for fixed income investors

Bolt the penthouse door

July 2014 (Magazine)By

The apparent recovery in the UK and converging spreads in euro-zone bond markets mask deep structural flaws in economies that have seen little genuine reform, argues Eamonn Butler

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