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UK roundup: DWP and FCA on charges, JLT on DB deficits

Mon, 2 Mar 2015By IPE Staff

Government, financial regulator publish consultation to create standards for disclosure of transaction costs in DC funds


IPE Views: How big can an Apple grow?

Mon, 2 Mar 2015By Joseph Mariathasan

Joseph Mariathasan wonders what, if anything, can check the technology giant’s astonishing growth

House fronts, Copenhagen, Denmark

ATP, PensionDanmark, Danica invest DKK1bn in SME loan fund

Mon, 2 Mar 2015By

Other pension funds invited to join, lending to firms with DKK50m+ sales

Sally Bridgeland speaking at the IPE Awards in Noordwijk.

​Bridgeland joins NEST trustee board

Fri, 27 Feb 2015By

Former chief executive of BP Pension Trustee joins board of statutory pension fund

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On The Record: Søren Grooss - portfolio manager, PKA

March 2015 (Magazine)

What is your currency risk hedging strategy? In search of the right level of hedging

On The Record: Marcel Andringa - executive director, asset management, PME

March 2015 (Magazine)

What is your currency risk hedging strategy? In search of the right level of hedging

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Briefing - Regulation Round-up: Europe’s changing pensions

March 2015 (Magazine)

IPE’s overview of the main regulatory and legislative developments affecting workplace pensions in key European countries

UK annuity liberalisation: Challenge or opportunity?

March 2015 (Magazine)By

Tiziana Perrella assesses the impact of annuity liberalisation on UK DB pension funds

Swiss Accounting Standards: Swimming against the tide

March 2015 (Magazine)By Stephen Bouvier

When it comes to Swiss second-pillar pensions, the IAS19 accounting approach has so many holes in it that some Swiss sponsors have ditched international standards in favour of local GAAP

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Research - PFPP: Delivery against objectives

March 2015 (Magazine)By James Tew

In the first in a series of articles analysing the most recent reporting output of the Pension Fund Perceptions Programme, James Tew assesses how pension funds perceive their managers in terms of delivery against objectives

Where next?

March 2015 (Magazine)By

The recovery in peripheral government bonds in 2013 vindicated those pension funds that held on to their holdings through the euro crisis – explaining the notably better 2013 returns of the likes of ABP, which had not sold the periphery, over its counterparts that had done so. 

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How euro, cheaper oil are impacting European equity performance

March 2015 (Magazine)By Joseph Mariathasan

Joseph Mariathasan considers the likely effects of dramatically cheaper oil and the euro on European earnings and equity market prices 

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Long-term matters: Of herds and bubbles

March 2015 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram, Aidan Ward

There is much talk in the investment community of the long term and of fundamentals. Yet behaviour remains rather short term in practice. It’s easy to fall into the trap of diagnosing personality flaws but that is a fundamental attribution error. Rather, we should look at the underlying mind-sets.

Guest viewpoint: Sally Bridgeland - Senior adviser Avida International

March 2015 (Magazine)

“Looking beyond the UK may provide lessons on how maturing pension funds can rework investment governance”

Diary of an Investor: No magic bullet

March 2015 (Magazine)By

As you would expect from a prudently run pension fund, Wasserdicht’s Dutch fund has a high coverage ratio and made a good return in 2014. But our return was less down to asset allocation and mostly driven by our decision to maintain a high hedge ratio.

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IPE Views: Is there an alternative to alternatives?

Wed, 18 Feb 2015By Pete Drewienkiewicz

Pete Drewienkiewicz on why investors should simply look at asset classes based on their investment goals and objectives

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Asset Allocation: Ahead of the Curve - The ‘Japanisation’ of the economy

March 2015 (Magazine)By ,

Martial Godet and Ankit Gheedia warn that their indicators show the rest of the world sliding into ‘Japanisation’ – just as Japan is escaping it

Asset Allocation, Ahead of the Curve: UK pension funds face inflation risk

February 2015 (Magazine)By

Given current forecasts, Andrew Brigden argues that the UK faces a huge shortage of inflation-linked bonds. Will the state have to assume the inflation risk that pension funds can no longer hedge?

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