Friday people roundup

Fri, 6 May 2016By IPE Staff

KPMG, Lloyds Banking Group, Guinnesss AM, M&G, IFM Investors, Aviva Investors, LGIM, Schroder Real Estate, Vasakronan

City of London Blackstone

UK's PIC attracts Chinese investor as part of £250m capital boost

Thu, 5 May 2016By

Insurance company attracts investment from existing backer, new Chinese investment firm

Paris, France

France’s FRR launches €600m private debt tender

Thu, 5 May 2016By

Tenders mandates for private placement, acquisition-debt focused funds

Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgarian government drops bombshell on second-pillar pensions

Thu, 5 May 2016By Krystyna Krzyzak

Pensions, business sectors accuse government of creating insecurity for future pensioners

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Strategically Speaking: Nikko Asset Management

May 2016 (Magazine)

From a European perspective the story of Japanese finance over the decades seems to be one of dramatic rise followed by spectacular fall 

On the Record: How have you broadened your bond exposure?

May 2016 (Magazine)By

Three investors - Ilmarinen, MN and SEB Pension - share details about their fixed income allocations

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Proxy access: Flexing muscles

May 2016 (Magazine)By Christopher O’Dea

Big US public pension plans want listed companies to include shareholders’ director nominees in company proxy statements

Private Equity Fees: Standardisation still elusive

May 2016 (Magazine)By Jennifer Bollen

A string of initiatives has attempted to resolve the complexity and opacity of private equity fees. One of latest such initiatives has received mixed reviews from European investors

Behind Chinese walls

May 2016 (Magazine)

Liyu Zeng and Priscilla Luk analyse the challenges in designing a benchmark to measure the performance of both offshore and onshore listed companies

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Up the knowledge curve

May 2016 (Magazine)By

Public understanding of long-term investment can be limited. Repeated exercises in the Netherlands have shown that when pension fund members are asked about their investment-risk tolerance, they say they want a higher return and no risk

Economics trumps demographics

May 2016 (Magazine)By

The challenges facing Swiss pension funds owe more to economics and less to demography than is generally realised.

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Investing In Private Equity: Megafund magnets

May 2016 (Magazine)By

While there is a great deal of activity in the private equity market, the big inflows of investment are mainly going to the large funds

Secondaries move up the ladder

May 2016 (Magazine)By

The secondary market has become an integral part of the private equity universe. Even big sovereign wealth funds are participating

European Venture Capital: Era of disruptive ventures

May 2016 (Magazine)

The use of disruptive technologies is opening up opportunities for European venture capital to build successful global companies

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Long-Term Matters: Hug a whistle-blower

May 2016 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram.

Ask any board director or chief executive of a well-run company what they worry about most and the answer is invariably ‘what I don’t know is happening’

Guest Viewpoint: Peter Kraneveld – International Pensions Adviser

May 2016 (Magazine)

“Let’s stop using the term de-risking altogether and use the right words for what we are doing”

Diary of an Investor: Stretch and flex with credit

May 2016 (Magazine)By Pieter Mullen

Years ago, people used to claim that the equity-risk premium was the most important metric in a pension fund’s long-term investment plans 

Long-Term Matters: A climate culture clash

April 2016 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

The Netherlands and the US are both free-market countries with thriving financial industries. But they also are very different and this is an unrecognised risk for large US mutual fund managers.

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