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Issue : October 2018 (magazine)

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  • liam kennedy

    Time to beef up UK supervision

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    With assets of in excess of £1.8trn, DB occupational pensions easily represent the single largest stock of financial savings in the UK

  • daniel ben ami

    Catching up on China

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    The typical investor is probably behind the times when it comes to understanding the implications of China’s rise

  • carlo svaluto moreolo

    Waiting for the next downturn

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    The current global economic expansion continues more-or-less unabated but the potential causes of the next downturn seem clear

  • nick reeve

    A retirement storm is coming

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Stormy weather caused disruption for delegates at last month’s Longevity 14 conference in Amsterdam – and discussions lingered on metaphorical storm clouds ahead for retirement systems around the globe.

  • Accounting Matters: Drawing a line in the sand

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Standard setters’ focus on risk-sharing pensions recalls previous abandoned attempts to reconcile non-DB and DC accounting approaches

  • raj thamotheram

    Long-Term Matters: Disruptive change is coming – which side will you choose?

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Paying good pensions is a noble purpose but much less so if investors, inadvertently or otherwise, help create a world that is not worth living in

  • sven giegold

    Letter from Brussels: Focus on pension products and supervision ahead of elections

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Tensions are rising in Brussels as the EU institutional mandate approaches its end ahead of the Parliamentary elections in May 2019, and the Commission has already ceased issuing new proposals in the absence of legislative time. 

  • Passives will move centre stage in the core-satellite model

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Like digital brands, passive products will continue to benefit from the network effect, in which a product or service is perceived as more worthwhile the more people use it. The classic example is the telephone: a growing user base enhances the value to each subscriber. 

  • Ten Years Since Lehman: Reflections on the crisis

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    These are edited extracts of interviews with key investment figures on the fallout since the financial crisis of 2008-09

  • jim hawley and jon lukomnik

    Guest Viewpoint: Jim Hawley and Jon Lukomnik

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    It is fitting that we launched our ‘Purpose of Asset Management’ paper in London, not far from 221b Baker Street, the home of the famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. 

  • On the Record: Small Caps

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    We asked the senior managers of two European pension funds to describe how they invest in small-cap equities and what are the challenges and opportunities in this asset class

  • giertz kapan

    How We Run Our Money: Kåpan Pensioner

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Marie Giertz, CIO of Kåpan Pensioner, the pension fund for Swedish government employees, tells Carlo Svaluto Moreolo about the fund’s strategy and ongoing projects

  • UK: Shifts in longevity

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Whether or not to insure liabilities via a buyout or buy-in has long been a decision which most defined-benefit pension funds need to consider. Buyout deals have become integral to the pension fund landscape.

  • spain and portugal

    Spain: Unintended outcomes

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Spain has experienced recent constitutional turmoil, yet it is the politics of Italy that is troubling pension funds. How will this affect asset allocation?

  • Portugal: The success story

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Portugal is an example of how a bailout can turn around a nation’s finances. Sovereign debt has returned to  investment grade and is popular again with domestic pension funds

  • asia

    Special Report Asia: Game-changer

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    China’s growing clout in Asia is influencing investment strategies across the region

  • China: No escaping China’s reach

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    China is influencing the investment world in numerous unexpected ways as a result of its large and growing economic weight

  • Markets: Degrees of development

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Asian markets range from frontier and emerging to developed economies

  • India: Promising signs for the future

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Recent economic reforms and structural changes have created a positive outlook for India 

  • german asset management

    German Asset Management: A larger appetite for ESG

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    How German asset managers are taking up the cudgels as demand for ESG approaches continues to grow

  • Portfolio Analysis: Back to the old world

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Universal-Investment’s Spezialfonds data shows how German institutional investors are navigating the current market environment

  • Spezialfonds: Assets approach €1.5trn

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Securities Spezialfonds assets are approaching a €1.5trn high water mark

  • Chinese Bonds: Too big to ignore?

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Recent tax reforms and the expected inclusion in global indices of Chinese sovereign bonds has shone a spotlight on a vast, under-exploited, multi-trillion bond market

  • Briefing: How to model a trade war

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    So how does one model the effect of further tariffs on a portfolio? This article shows how to construct a potential trade-war scenario and analyse the impact on a euro-denominated global multi-asset class portfolio

  • bob swarup

    Macro Matters: Emerging tensions

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Amid all the talk of deglobalisation, certain tenets of the world remain fixed in our minds. Key among these assumptions is the status of the dollar as the global reserve currency. 

  • yvonne bakkum index

    Strategically Speaking: FMO Investment Management

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Yvonne Bakkum, managing director of FMO Investment Management, is an evangelist for the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) – and even wears a lapel brooch representing them

  • Small & Mid-Cap Equities: Small-cap effects

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Some US smaller companies may benefit from America First policies but others will not

  • Small Cap Versus Private Equity: Separate arguments

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Comparisons of the performance of listed smaller companies and private equity are fraught with difficulty

  • Investment Process: In search of an edge

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Investors have to work hard to gain an information edge to successfully exploit small-cap markets

  • Fixed income, Rates, Currencies: America leads the way

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Emerging markets have endured a difficult summer. Market sensitivities were heightened by fears of a trade war and the reality that the US Federal Reserve will keep raising interest rates. The flashpoints in Argentina and Turkey have focused attention on the EM universe, particularly the more vulnerable economies with less healthy fundamentals.

  • saul butt

    Ahead of the Curve: Trends to heed in renewables

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Big data and predictive analytics are two developing trends that can dramatically improve how renewable energy investments are made

  • Introduction: Competition and innovation

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Consolidation has been a hallmark of the ETF sector in recent years as the market continues its growth trajectory, with global assets exceeding $5.7trn

  • The market: Tools in tune with the zeitgeist

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    2018 marks the year that exchange-traded funds (ETFs) dedicated to tracking environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues truly became mainstream

  • The market: ETF products and the current market

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    As the present elongated bull run is beginning to make some market participants nervous, investors should assess which ETF products could help them navigate changing market conditions

  • The market: M&A activity in European ETFs

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    The European ETF industry is still relatively youthful compared with its US counterpart, but already there have been significant mergers and acquisitions

  • assets invested in european domiciled etfs

    The market: Understanding the ETF landscape and flows in Europe

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    April 2018 marked the 18th anniversary of the listing of the first ETF in Europe. Although no longer a new product, their growth rate continues to be impressive

  • The market: Transatlantic invasion

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    The Americans are coming! But unlike the US cavalry providing an 11th-hour rescue in the last reel of an old-time Western, these Americans are moving in on what they hope will be a lucrative European ETF market

  • Implementation: Five myths about ETFs debunked

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Over the years, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have attracted their fair share of criticism from market participants, regulators and investors

  • the etf ecosystem

    Implementation: The future is active

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    While passive ETFs continue to dominate flows, active ETFs are one of the factors that will drive further growth in the sector

  • Implementation: A liquid diet for trustees

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    The balancing act of locking assets up whilst retaining enough liquidity to meet member benefits, if done correctly, can improve the returns generated from a scheme’s asset allocation

  • total cost for 2x leverage

    Implementation: A cost comparison of futures and ETFs

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    The investment management industry has seen a relentless drive to wring out costs. A good grasp of implementation cost of using different vehicles for the same strategy matters

  • market participant returns after adjusting for costs

    Fixed income: The growing world of fixed income ETFs

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    The fixed income ETFs market has experienced rapid growth in recent years as more investors are now finding a role for them in their portfolios

  • historical evolution of the number of bonds and median average bond size in the bloomberg barclays global aggregate index market value

    Fixed income: Consistent growth in a changing landscape

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Fixed income, an asset class that historically traded over the counter, is increasingly being traded on exchange through exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

  • ESG: Building impact and values into portfolios

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Exchange-traded funds that prioritise environmental, social and governance matters have grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years

  • ESG: Managing indices to match convictions

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    More and more investors know it is perfectly possible to link index management with responsible investment by choosing an index fund or an ETF

  • ESG: Responsible investing that reduces your carbon footprint

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    The development of ESG indices reflects growing interest in divesting out of fossil fuel investments to address the threat posed by global warming

  • etfs used in the study

    Factor investing & smart beta: What’s in a name?

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Many smart beta ETFs are bought with the expectation of long-term market outperformance. The factors that many are based on have been proven both academically and empirically to produce excess returns

  • Factor investing & smart beta: Advances in factor-based fixed income indices

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    Global fixed income investors have benefited from a long bull market that began in the early 1990s

  • an index performance

    Factor investing & smart beta: The smart beta (r)evolution

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    The ability of stocks with certain investment characteristics to outperform the market has been well understood and documented for decades. But options of how to implement this strategy were limited

  • Markets & regions: Spotlight on US equities

    Magazine Mon, 1 Oct 2018

    US equities have proven overwhelmingly popular with investors desperate for signs of economic growth

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