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Special Report

ESG: The metrics jigsaw


Issue : July/August 2019 (magazine)

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  • liam kennedy

    Relative response to liquidity issues

    Magazine Mon, 1 Jul 2019

    Equity risk is a crucial portfolio exposure for pension funds and a key driver for long-term retirement outcomes for pension plans and their beneficiaries. Yet the structure of equity markets is in transition, which changes the way pension funds choose to allocate capital to them.

  • daniel ben ami

    The Disneyworld trap

    Magazine Mon, 1 Jul 2019

    The remarkable reversal in the outlook for official interest rates over the past few months has received relatively little attention. Until recently it was widely accepted that rates could only move upwards. It looked almost certain that quantitative tightening (QT) would supplant quantitative easing (QE). Now the balance has reverted to further monetary accommodation.

  • carlo svaluto moreolo

    Italy’s first-pillar obsession

    Magazine Mon, 1 Jul 2019

    Italy’s anti-establishment, eurosceptic coalition government has partly delivered on its promise to reform the pension system. ‘Dismantling’ the 2011 pension reform that curtailed benefits and raised the retirement age was key for both coalition partners – the Five Star Movement and the Lega. Previous governments had raised the retirement age. 

  • nick reeve

    Adequacy: the all-important question

    Magazine Mon, 1 Jul 2019

    How do you measure success when it comes to pension reform? In the UK, it is clear that the government measures the success of auto-enrolment by some numbers, but not others. 

  • valdis dombrovskis

    EC’s expert group releases landmark climate taxonomy

    Magazine Mon, 1 Jul 2019

    The European Commission’s expert group on sustainable finance last month published its long-awaited final recommendations for a taxonomy of environmentally sustainable activities, which is at the heart of the EU executive’s plan to harness the finance sector for its fight against climate change.

  • dutch trade unions

    Dutch pensions agreement dodges the real issues

    Magazine Mon, 1 Jul 2019

    Social partners have agreed compromises relating to the state pension age and early retirement Many crucial aspects are yet to be confirmed and could still derail efforts to reform the system

  • achieving investment excellence

    Book review: Achieving Investment Excellence

    Magazine Mon, 1 Jul 2019

    Fix asset allocation and the numbers will follow. This rule of thumb originated from an influential study published in 1986, which showed that 93.6% of variations in a portfolio’s returns are due to asset allocation policy.

  • IAS 19: How did they do it?

    Magazine Mon, 1 Jul 2019

    Two academics have analysed key amendments to IAS 19 and how they came about

  • raj thamotheram

    Animal welfare: Probing the global meat complex

    Magazine Mon, 1 Jul 2019

    Everyone knows about ‘big oil’ and how much influence the global agribusiness sector has. But there is less awareness about the negative impacts of meat producers – the ‘global meat complex’. 

  • bob melia

    Letter from the US: On a secure retirement path

    Magazine Mon, 1 Jul 2019

    The most significant changes to US retirement plans in more than a decade look set to be approved by Congress. On 23 May, the House of Representatives passed the Secure Act – Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement – by 417-3, and the Senate is also likely to approve it, with President Donald Trump unopposed.

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