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Issue : December 2018 (magazine)

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  • Canary Wharf

    Consultants satisfied with competition inquiry outcome

    News Thu, 13 Dec 2018

    Most institutional advisers accept CMA’s recommendations after months of robust debate with regulators

  • liam kennedy

    Liabilities remain in focus

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Given overall pressure on funding rates and falling asset markets, 2019 looks set to be a year where good governance and adaptability to external events will be crucial

  • daniel ben ami

    The right tool for the job

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Applying economics models to understand politics is like trying to use a trowel to saw a piece of wood in half

  • carlo svaluto moreolo

    Interest rates are not a one-sided risk

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Pension funds should always act as long-term investors whenever possible

  • nick reeve

    Checking back on 2018

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    In January, in this column, I highlighted areas to watch for 2018. In the spirit of holding myself to account, it’s time to see how they panned out

  • ambachtsheer

    Dutch reform: ‘Complexity and stubbornness killing world’s best pensions system’

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Despite ranking as the world’s best in the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension index, the Netherlands’ pensions system is being hit by too much complexity and ineffective regulation

  • Long Term Matters: What should investors do about authoritarian governments?

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    In October, I wrote that investors would soon have to choose between backing social justice or going along with authoritarian- ism. I was not expecting that the choice would come so quickly

  • Accounting Matters: The audit F-word

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Increased incidence of accounting fraud raises questions about UK audit standards

  • Letter from the US: REITS a good long-term bet, says study

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Investors have lost some of their enthusiasm for US REITs – real-estate investment trusts – after their poor performance in the third quarter. From July to September, the FTSE Nareit All Equity REITs index gained 0.5%, compared with a 7.6% return for S&P 500 over the same period. The return of the REITs index has trailed behind S&P 500 by more than seven percentage points for the first three quarters of the year.

  • sven giegold

    Brussels People: Sven Giegold, MEP

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    While he derives some satisfaction from advances in green energy and the like, Sven Giegold is unhappy that most global investment can still be classed as environmentally unsustainable. 

  • simon lewis

    Guest viewpoint: Simon Lewis, AFME

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Europe’s capital markets are facing some of their toughest challenges since the global financial crisis 

  • How do investors view the future of the EU economy?

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Cyclical recovery or secular healing? That is the big question behind the European Union’s economic bounce after its ‘lost decade’ – the toughest period since the founding of its predecessor, the European Economic Community, in 1957. 

  • On the Record: The question of hedging

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    We asked two European pension funds how they hedge against interest rate risk, as the probability that interest rates will rise over the few next years grows 

  • mikael angberg

    How We Run Our Money: Första AP-fonden (AP1)

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Mikael Angberg, CIO of Första AP-fonden (AP1), one of Sweden’s buffer funds, outlines the fund’s investment philosophy to Carlo Svaluto Moreolo

  • Collective DC in the Netherlands

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    How Dutch collective defined contribution schemes came about and how they differ from other schemes

  • switzerland

    Switzerland: In need of a reformist zeal

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    The Swiss pension system needs reform but consent is needed in a federal referendum. Have politicians learnt from campaigning during the rejected Altervorsorge 2020 proposals?

  • Werner Hug: Less complexity, more solidarity

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    The Swiss second pillar has become too complex and lost sight of its original principle of employer patronage towards employees

  • proportion of asset managers by investment strategy

    Asset Management: Fit for purpose

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    The globalisation of asset management means that Swiss managers have to broaden their product range and service different regulatory regimes

  • ESG: Still the ugly duckling

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    ESG is still an unpopular investment strategy in Switzerland. How will it overcome this lack of enthusiasm?

  • Risk Management: Is everything still good?

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Swiss pension funds have coped well with the financial crisis, but appearances can be deceptive

  • Illiquid Investments: Challenges ahead

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Illiquid investments should appeal to pension funds because of their long-term benefits, but are opportunities equal? 

  • Mortality: How a year makes a difference

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Swiss longevity assumptions have substantial effects on key technical figures in Pensionskassen

  • special report perspectives

    Perspectives: Rising rates pose questions

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    The anticipated rise in interest rates urges pension funds to review their liability-management strategies 

  • total liabilities of the ecb

    Euro-zone: The risks of reversal

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    The impact of monetary tightening is one of investors’ main concerns for 2019

  • Derivatives face Brexit risk

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    A hard Brexit could have catastrophic consequences

  • rainer wedde

    ‘Russians are convinced they were betrayed’

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Professor Rainer Wedde of Wiesbaden Business School discusses the forces behind a decade of rising tensions between Russia and the West

  • sorca kelly scholte

    Building investor resilience in a downturn

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Investors need to look at varied downturn scenarios that take new risks into consideration  

  • What next for US Treasuries?

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    A consensus on the direction of 10-year US Treasury rates is not obvious, because the answer reverts to a further question: whose consensus? Strategists, economists and other informed professionals have a particular view. The market itself, however, expresses a more diffuse and different opinion. 

  • Credit allocations: Time for a re-balancing act

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Investors are ignoring indicators that should encourage a more selective approach to credit

  • Macro Matters: Currency returns to the fore

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Global tension means exchange rates will again become a key mover of investor decisions

  • ESG: Scheme to develop green mortgages

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Lenders see an apparent correlation between energy efficiency and lower defaults

  • Strategically Speaking: BlackRock Credit

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    BlackRock is adding to its global private debt capabilities 

  • Global Equities: Valuation vagaries

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Mean reversion is useful in valuing stocks, but there are many unpredictable factors that can disrupt long-term assumptions 

  • FAANGS: Tech black swan in the wings?

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    The US technology giants could be hit by extreme risks

  • Central Banks: Be wary of the bulls

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Opposing views on the timing and effects of quantitative tightening suggest investors should be cautious of high valuations

  • Case Study: Local Pensions Partnership

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    LPP’s Richard Savage describes his approach to running an in-house global equities portfolio

  • Multi-Asset Strategies: Worrying developments

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Late-cycle dynamics, geopolitical tensions, trade wars and uncertainty surrounding Brexit are making investors jittery

  • AQR: Risk-parity reasoning

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    John Huss and Yao Hua Ooi, principals at AQR, explain the firm’s approach to risk parity

  • Multi-Asset Funds: A flexible way to generate income

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Multi-asset funds that take account of investor goals and time horizons could provide steady income

  • Strategy Selection: Is it worth the risk?

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    Investors in multi-asset strategies must make sure they understand all the risks involved

  • UK In-house Management: Is it better in-house?

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    In-house asset management can deliver cost savings, control and overall value benefits but for complex or short-term strategies external management may offer better value for money

  • ATP: In-house benefits

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    ATP values being at the investing coal face as a learning experience

  • AP2: Demanding but worthwhile

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    AP2’s in-sourcing journey has reduced costs and boosted its flexibility and transparency

  • Fixed income, rates, currencies: Challenges still lie ahead

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    While the US mid-term elections saw the Democrats regain the House of Representatives, trade policy remains in the hands of the White House. Trade tensions, between the US and China in particular, will remain to the fore. President Trump’s aggressive trade policy is already having a global impact with declining purchasing manager indices indicating corporate hesitation in future plans.

  • Ahead of the curve: Sporting a safety jacket in a market of weak protections

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    The lending environment is undergoing a worrying change. Funds that European direct lenders have raised but not yet deployed are at an all-time high and banks in most Western-European jurisdictions have renewed lending following years of reticence after the global financial crisis, leading to increased competition amongst lenders in the small and medium enterprise (SME) market. 

  • expectations indicator december 2018

    IPE Expectations Indicator: December 2018

    Magazine Sat, 1 Dec 2018

    At times we aim to find the mountains within the molehills of manager expectation shifts. In our defence, any curvature is worthy of recognition. Sometimes, changes (or lack thereof) come along that are worth diving into. In the prior survey, it was the four-month lack of change within the high sentiment toward US equity markets to rise that was significant. During the current period, hyperbole aside, change has come.

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